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Best Make-up Brands – Covergirl, Maybelline, Urban Decay and More

by healthandbeautytimes

So, here are the best make-up brands on the market that will satisfy you!

When you are in a perfume store to renew your range of make-up products, you tend to turn only to very well-known brands.

However, there are many brands, American or French, which offer good quality beauty products. It would hence be interesting to explore other possibilities which may ultimately be suitable for you.

When it comes to product quality, the United States has positioned itself as a market leader for a long time.

The advantage with make-up brands from across the Atlantic is that they offer ranges for all tastes.

1. Covergirl-Make-up brand

Make-up brand Covergirl has certain notoriety in the United States thanks to its very complete range of suitable products for all skin types.

With its correctors, its powders, or its foundations, people of all ages find their account. The advantage with Covergirl is the fact of offering high-quality products at low prices.

2. Maybelline-Make-up brand

Thanks to the constant innovations of its beauty products, Maybelline New York has positioned itself as one of the essential cosmetic brands in the world.

The brand’s various products have always been at the forefront of technology to offer women a different way of putting on make-up.

Maybelline New York is a brand that inspires confidence because its notoriety speaks for itself.

3. Urban Decay

No matter your style, Urban Decay always has lines of beauty products that will convince you.

The codes of beauty no longer hold any secrets for this professional make-up brand that knows how to go from simplicity to extravagance by using a cocktail of trendy colours each time.

Urban Decay products have the particularity of holding out over a long period and stand out thanks to their extravagant names (Vice, Naked, Aphrodisiac, etc.).

Another advantage of this cosmetic brand is its affordable prices for everyone!

4. MAC-Make-up brand

The hallmark of the MAC brand is that its products are suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is a brand that has chosen to highlight individuality.

It creat by photography and beauty professionals to work with grassroots make-up artists.
Very popular, the brand has grown to position itself as a world leader in the make-up industry.

MAC has decided to work with icons of fashion, art, and popular culture to satisfy the most significant number. Thanks to its wide range of cosmetic products, the brand is very close to its audience.

5. Lime Crime-Make-up brand

Lime Crime is one of the brands that never stop innovating when it comes to beauty. Indeed, this independent brand provides its customers with trendy organic make-up and coloring products to allow women to feel unique.

Lime Crime products suit all types of looks with bold colours that last. Women can now differentiate themselves from others, thanks to the different colours offered.

6. Estee Lauder-Make-up brand

Estee Lauder is an American make-up brand whose fame is no longer in doubt in the world of beauty and skincare products.

The creator of the American brand has won hearts with her visionary ideas and avant-garde products.

7. Revlon

The Revlon brand aims to showcase glamour through products that spark excitement and innovation.

Its high-quality products have allowed it to propel itself to the best cosmetic products brands. In addition to providing quality, Revlon is affordable for everyone.

8. NYX

NYX is one of the brands of cosmetic products which is achieving a substantial rise in the market.

The label provides its customers with exceptional products and exceptional quality for women who want to gain self-confidence.

Professional make-up artists don’t hesitate to use the brand’s classic, trendy and seasonal products.

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