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Best shampoo for oily hair – About, Brands, tips, and More

by healthandbeautytimes

We demand good shampoo for oily hair that does not dehydrate our hair to the point of leaving it damaged and, at the same time, more oily due to the rebound effect.

Having oily hair is a more common problem than many people may believe, and those of us who suffer from it know how unpleasant it can be.

Our scalp produces more natural sebum than usual, and there is an imbalance in its PH. The main symptom is the oily appearance and texture that makes hair look dirty and very matted.

Treating oily hair is a science, as it requires specialized and particular care to avoid excess fat. You have to be careful when applying conditioners, masks, and special care when choosing a shampoo.

Those of us who have oily hair want a shampoo that immediately removes that extra fat layer and controls it. That is, we do not wish the hair to look greasy the day after washing.

Brands that are best shampoos for oily hair

Onion shampoo for oily hair

Another Premium brand characterized by having a line of quality hair care products based on 100% natural ingredients and complying with all standards and certifications.

I present the onion shampoo, whose main ingredient is the onion bulb, which provides vitamins, flavonoids, essential oils, and sulfur compounds perfect for stopping excess fat in the hair.

Thanks to the high purifying, antioxidant and revitalizing capability of its ingredients. You will obtain a deep cleaning throughout the scalp and hair fibre.

At the same time, your hair is restructured and intensely hydrated, thus promoting its healthy growth.

As you use the onion shampoo, you will achieve much stronger hair, with a beautiful natural shine and free of the excess oil that bothers you so much.

Fat control occurs thanks to the onion bulb’s sulfur active ingredients, which effectively regulate sebum’s excessive production.

It is perfect for curly hair, as it removes fat and nourishes it and controls it.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Shampoo Elvive

L’Oreal Paris left out of this list, and although it is a more commercial brand than the previous ones.

It characterized by in-depth research and the use of exclusive hair care technologies.

In this case, we will see a very effective shampoo to control fat, which restores the hair’s life. It is the Elvive Extraordinary Clay.

The secret is in the mixture of three unique clays, which combine their power to control and eliminate excess oil for up to 72 hours.

I was spacing out washes and providing a unique feeling of freedom and freshness.

This shampoo is free of silicones, so it does not damage the hair and provides deep cleaning while repairing, revitalizing, and protecting it.

These three new clays also hydrate the hair, nourish it and give you a clean feeling as if you had now washed your hair.

Tips to remove oil from hair

Use talcum powder to absorb all the fat contained in the hair, spreading it gently at the roots.

Rinse hair with lemon juice, massaging and leaving it for a few minutes to remove excess oil. It also helps regulate pH and adds shine.

Baking soda is one of the most general ways to combat oily hair.

It is complete by rubbing a little from the root, letting it rest for a few minutes and then removing it with plenty of water.

Use the blended aloe vera crystal on the scalp for half an hour for 3-4 days a week.

It helps improve your hair and fight accumulated fat.

The vinegar that we use at home can help you fight oily hair—using a tablespoon of vinegar for each glass of water, scrubbing and letting it rest for a few minutes.

Many of us get carried away by shampoo brands and advertisements without first looking closely at their components, ignoring how harmful they can be.

Silicones avoided because they load and weigh the hair down.

Parabens used as preservatives and synthetic colours are also responsible for altering the chemistry of the skin.

We use it for our hair’s hygiene is a good point for hair health since symptoms such as oily hair attacked from the root.

The inappropriate use of cleaning supplies for the hair, carelessness and lack of hygiene become common problems that aggravate depending on the importance we give them.

It is necessary to consider these recommendations to maintain our capillary health and avoid diseases that can harm our appearance and well-being.

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