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How to Get Rid of Oily Eyelids – Causes, Natural ways, Preparations, and Tips.

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Oily eyelids can be very annoying, especially when the weather starts to get hot. This irritating problem would become more uncomfortable, especially for those who have oily, acne-prone skin.

When it comes to eyelids, it becomes so irritating to handle oily eyelids when you leave the house.

Many reasons are responsible for oily eyelids; It may be due to changes in your hormone.

You may feel embarrassed at times when you notice the shine on your lids. It is due to oily lids.

What are the common causes of Having Oily Eyelids?

  1. Various reasons are responsible for the eyelids becoming oily.
  2. According to a skin expert, this usually occurs due to the hormonal change within the body that leads to increased oil production.
  3. While the other factors are the shape of the eyes, along with the location of the overactive oil glands, excessive use of these products, tanning, taking medications, stress, and unnecessary use of skincare creams.
  4. Hormonal fluctuations can cause excessive oil production in the skin.
  5. Oily eyelids can also take place due to excessive consumption of fatty and fatty foods.
  6. It can also occur due to over-active oil glands and the shape of the eyes.
  7. Seborrhea, in which there is an excessive secretion of sebaceous glands located on the forehead, can cause oily eyelids.

What are the natural ways to get rid of oily Eyelids?

You can try these natural ways and know how to get rid of oily eyelids naturally at home.

1. Cleansing

  • Wash your face with the help of warm water 3 times a day. It will help you remove excess oil and let you know how to stop oily eyelids and acne formation.
  • You can also try splashing cold water on your face, and this will close all the pores and maintain the pH level of the skin.

2. Toning

  • When it comes to knowing how to get rid of oily lids naturally, toning works.
  • Yes, toning improves blood circulation on the surface of the skin. It generally tightens the pores and refreshes the skin, and adds a glow to the skin.

3. Exfoliation

  • Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub will remove excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and soften your eyelids.
  • Also, you can easily prepare a scrub at home with the help of an oatmeal or honey scrub, baking soda, and lemon scrub.

How to prepare toner for getting rid of oily Eyelids?

You can try the nofollowing ways to prepare toners at home:

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

  • Try mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a small spray bottle and use it as a toner.
  • Now spray the mixture directly on your face, and this is an effective home remedy for oily eyelids.

Green Tea Toner

  • Green is known for its antioxidant properties and also as a purifying agent for the skin.
  • To make a toner, you can take a teaspoon of green tea and brew it a little intense.
  • Now you can cool it down and store it in a spray and use it twice a day.

What are some tips to avoid oily Eyelids?

Here are some tips that could help you eliminate oily eyelids by restricting excess oil production from your skin, especially around the eyes. You should reduce the amount of eye cream you are using.

The limited amount of eye cream effectively keeps your skin healthy and moisturized, but overuse will lead to excess oil. Every morning and before going to bed, you should clean your face thoroughly. With the help of a mild and gentle foaming cleanser, you can remove oils from the surface of your skin.

After that, please close your eyes and rub them lightly, and then wash off the cleanser quickly. Using the fresh washcloth, massage your face and eye to dry. Throughout the day, you should always carry oil transfer sheets with you to clean the grease when it appears.

Make sure that you only need to press and lift the sheets over your lids and not rub your eyes with the sheet; this way, the excess oil will soak up. You should be very selective when using kohl eyeliner as it would not be suitable for oily lids, and if you continue to use it, your covers will deteriorate.

For oily lids, gel liners would be suitable as they are specially designed for covers to dry instantly. And if you want to use other liners, you can use a push-up pencil liner. If your eyelids get greasy frequently, you should use a cream that is mineral or powder or water-based products.

Before going to bed at night, you need to wash your face to remove dirt, grime, and makeup. And if you have a nap with a dirty face, it would block the pores and thus lead to more oil production.

If by reducing the amount of eye cream, you still have oily eyelids, then switch to other brands. In such cases, oil-free cream is the best to get rid of fat.


  • If you have oily eyelids, it cannot be enjoyable for you. But, if you want to get rid of oily eyelids ASAP, you should have to take a step.
  • There can be various reasons for oily eyelids, and some of them are already mentioning in this blog.
  • But to treat oily eyelids, you can try some natural treatments at home and get rid of this eyelid problem for good.
  • Just try to make use of the treatments mentioned above and know how to get rid of oily eyelids without makeup instantly at home.

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