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Brown Hair With Highlights – Bronde, Caramel Wicks, Broux and More

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Brown Hair With Highlights –

You love your brown hair, but fall is here, and you are dying to try a new colour, do not hesitate, we give you ten hair colour ideas specially designed for brunettes.

However, you and your hair have been behind you this moment for months, yet, as your appointment with the hairdresser is fast approaching, the doubt remains: which colour to choose for this season?

You know all the hair colour trends and want an easy colour to adopt to enhance your brown hair.

Synonymous with charm, sensuality and seduction, brown hair adapts to all lengths. Our advice: adjust your colour to your complexion and eyes.

And if you want to give your hair some pep and dynamism, think of balayage or highlights, caramelized, bluish, purple or even red.

To bring luminosity, the blond, golden, honeyed and luminous reflections will know how to satisfy you.

It’s up to you to choose your side! Still in doubt?

Here are ten gorgeous hair colour ideas for your brown hair. 


Here is coming from a mix of blonde and brown; bronde is a super trendy hair colour. To get this, nothing could be simpler, and it’s like a balayage, an easy colour to do at home.

However, be careful to choose your shade of bronde.


Caramel highlights are a hairstyle classic; they warm up your brown colour by giving it a greedy aspect, also ideal for brown hair.


Like bronde, broux is born from the fusion of two colours: blond and red; this colour with copper accords nofollowing the season is achievable with henna for those who want a natural and nourishing solution for the hair.


For change without going through risky transformations, sombré hair is the safest colour, and for a good reason, it is from the natural pigment that we work. Perfect for those who want a colour with few products and which requires little care.


Honey highlights on brown hair bring dimension and a holiday feel to hair that is sometimes a little dull. Very easy to maintain colouring.

However, care must take when choosing the shade.


Usually reserved for blonde hair, golden highlights are more and more inviting in brunettes. To be practised at a colourist, because it is risky, it is a colour that goes very well with beach waves.


For a colour that oscillates between auburn, copper and red, cherry highlights are the hair trend of the moment, ideal for those with blue, green, grey or brown eyes.


Ash brown is a rather tricky colour because it is not suitable for all skin tones. Our advice: if you have a very pale or even milky complexion, it is better to stay away from these cool-toned shades. On the other hand, if your face is more towards peach tones, go for it! The result promises to be beautiful.


Tiger eye is a hair colour that mimics a sister stone to quartz, ideal for chocolate brunettes and chestnut hair.

And also, this balayage has rich caramel and gold undertones that soften and warm the face.


The luminous brown is a colouring similar to a chocolate brown with golden reflections; we love it! Perfect with a colour block outfit.

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