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How to restore the natural glow of your skin

by healthandbeautytimes

A major component— and signal— of healthy skin is a natural glow.

But causes like lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what you eat can rob your complexion of its radiance.

The good news is that you can transform skin that looks dull and tired to luminous and glowing at home. Just nofollow these expert skin care tips.

With these simple tips, you will make your skin shine in all its splendor with a natural glow.


  • It is essential to change your beauty routine according to your skin, lifestyle, and, above all, the season of the year you are.
  • You cannot use the same products in winter as in summer since the climatic conditions that affect the skin are different.
  • And the same happens throughout the day.
  • In the morning, you should use cosmetics that protect the face, and at night, that repair it.
  • With all this, there is one product in particular that you can never miss: the facial essence.
  • As the first step in your daily routine, the essence will provide the hydration that the deepest layers of the skin need.
  • And also, act as the base of your moisturizer at any time of the year.
  • And at night, its microorganism helps to repair the skin during cell regeneration.


  • It is just as vital that you adapt your beauty routine to each moment of the day as that you keep your skin hydrated to get a natural glow.
  • It is more common for the face to become dehydrated in winter.
    Due to the cold and dryness of the environment, but the heat can also wreak havoc on the body’s moisture levels.
  • If you don’t want your skin to become dull or oilier, use a water-based moisturizer like Aquasource Gel.
  • Formulated with Life Plankton seaweed and mannose, this gel-textured cream intensely hydrates and reduces excess oil and give your skin natural glow.


  • The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than that of the face, requiring specific care.
  • The eye contour is the area where imperfections and signs of aging see first.
  • So forget about using the same products for the whole face; this area needs a gentler formula.
  • We recommend Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum.
  • A serum enriched with Alga extract that enhances eyelids, decongesting puffiness, and smoothing wrinkles.


  • A study by Swedish researchers concluded that people who deprive of sleep for long periods are less attractive in the eyes of others than those who sleep well.
  • Fewer hours of sleep are unavoidable in summer.
  • You can cover up the lack of sleep with a nighttime facial mask that enhances the glow of your skin every morning.
  • Combining the extract of a Polynesian marine organism and Life Plankton in Aquasource Night Spa transforms the skin night after night.
  • And also, it is leaving it hydrated, smooth, and soft.


  • Exercise is a very effective way to make your skin glow naturally at any time.
  • Several studies show that going from a passive to an active life reduces the signs of skin aging significantly.
  • And it seems that sweating is not only good for your health in general, but it is also good if you want to show off luminous and healthy skin.

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