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Best Eye Shadow Palettes – Urban Decay Naked, Huda Beauty

by healthandbeautytimes

There are a lot of eye shadow palettes. So which one to choose? It’s a complicated question, and it will depend on tastes, your level and especially the palette’s quality.

1.Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Naked 1

The Naked 1 is my first Urban Decay palette! At the time, everyone was tearing it off, and it was the palette to have nice makeup.

After many years, it hasn’t aged a bit! Indeed, its eye shadows remain of excellent quality & its trendy colours.

In short, it remains & will remain a must-have. The Naked 1 is no longer on sale. However, Urban Decay has thought of us by re-issuing it: Naked Reloaded!

In short : 


Suitable for beginners


Neutral shades

Pigmentation ++

Easy to work texture

Double brushes +

2.Too faced Chocolate Gold

Here is Too Faced Chocolate Gold, a palette composed mainly of metallic or glitter eye shadows.

It is distinguished by its original shades with golden-silver-chocolate undertones. The brand still had a good idea to ingest four matte shades, enough to make it complete.

In short : 

To shine brightly

Pigmentation +++

Creamy texture

It can be worked with the finger (except matte shades)

Guaranteed wow effect

Smells like chocolate

3.Obsession Eye shadow Palettes, Huda Beauty

A pretty Huda Beauty palette with warm tones. Ultra-luminous metallic-glitter-matte shades for absolutely divine party makeup. It is my favourite palette.

Indeed, people achieved my most beautiful makeup thanks to it. For us, the best mini-format palette ever!

In short : 

To shine brightly

Glitter-metallic hues around the emerald

Complementary colours

Fairy makeup

Pigmentation + (wet for an intense effect)

Light texture

Limited edition

4.Tart Tartlet in bloom clay palette

The palette of nudes by definition. It is also the first Tarte palette that I tested, and what a test! All the eyeshadows go perfectly together; the application is simple and sophisticated.

To sum up, you can’t miss eye makeup when using this pretty palette. Plus, the scent is just crazy!

In short :

Practical & nomadic format

Pigmentation ++

Creamy texture

Works best with the finger (metallic colours)

Different finishes but always in the same tones

Smells extremely good

5.Natasha Genova Love palette

A splendid palette for a new brand just arrived at Sephora (2020). The shades of this palette are all more beautiful than the others.

In short : 

Pop & neutral shades, wearable for all occasions

Works very well

Suitable for beginners

Sophisticated effect

Pigmentation +++

Rather powdery texture for glitter

6.Kat Von D Lolita Por Vida

The most original palette we have ever seen! Indeed, Kat Von D has managed to stand out with its Gothic packaging, almost works of art.

The quality is not left out since the eyeshadows are just beautiful! We will notice the ultra original colours such as orange.

Eighteen shades for four different finishes: matte, iridescent, creamy metallic, ultra glitter.

7.Too Faced Just Peachy matte

We had to integrate Too Faced’s Just Peachy Matte. Indeed, from the Peaches & cream collection, it is the revelation of many beauty addicts.

Note that Too Faced is offering itself the 2nd palette in this Top best eye palettes! 100% matte finishes, in peach tones, enough to achieve magnificent, very professional makeup.

In short : 

Peachy tones from the most discreet to the most flashy

Very worked & professional rendering

Pigmentation ++

Rather powdery texture

Works easily

Perfect transition colours

Peach-fig-sugar scent

8.Zoeva Matte Spectrum

The excellent reputation here is one of the pallets of the Zoeva brand. If they are all equal in terms of quality, I was able to test the latter, 100% matte.

Orange hues that challenge, with a rather original rendering. An affordable price for this Top 10 best eye palettes – eyeshadow.

In short : 

15 original shades

100% matte finish

Pigmentation ++

Slightly powdery texture

Good value for money

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