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Eyelash extension – Precautions, Apply, Damage, Maintainance

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Precautions before applying for eyelash extensions

Are there any contraindications?

Very little. Unless suffering from eye disease (glaucoma) or have recently undergone a surgical operation.

In the 2nd case, the specialist will need the surgeon’s agreement – anyone is eligible for extensions. Eyelashes.

On the day of installation, contact lens wearers advised to remove them at least 2 hours in advance.

Shapes, colours: what is the choice?

The goal of eyelash extension is to accentuate them. Thus, the chosen extensions are usually black (but there are also coloured eyelashes for a more original effect).

But don’t panic if you have clear eyelashes: there are several types of poses that allow you to obtain a wide range of effects, from the most natural to the very sophisticated!

You can also prefer whether you want to favour length or curvature. Finally, the final result depends on the nature of the eyelashes.

As an extension deposited on each eyelash, the more eyelashes there are, the denser the result will be.

On the other hand, if you have very short eyelashes, an extra-long or too curved extension is not recommended because it would not last long.

In any holder, it is better to rely on the advice of specialists.

How long do extensions last?

They are not eternal. And that’s good! Like all hair in the human body, eyelashes have a lifecycle and are renewed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Each extension positioned on a natural eyelash. The lifespan of the extensions is, therefore, the same. As with permanent makeup, you can regularly make an appointment to touch up the wings.

However, to make your eyelash extensions last the longest, you need to take care of them.

How to apply eyelash extensions: method and sensations

How is the pose going?

The specialist adds an extension in hypoallergenic synthetic fibres on each eyelash, 1 to 1.

Using the first tweezer, she isolates the natural eyelash, and, thanks to a second tweezer, she deposits the synthetic eyelash after they have previously soaked in the glue.

Is the installation of extensions painful?

No one. After carefully cleaning the eye, the specialist applies patches that help keep the eyes closed.

She then proceeds meticulously, and we can guess its progression on the eyelid without feeling any pain.

If you are looking for supplies for eyelash extensions, check Parish Lash Academy.

Do extensions damage the eyelashes?

No. The method consists of applying a synthetic eyelash on the natural eyelash. The eyelash must be strong and healthy so that the extension lasts as long as possible.

Better still, using the recommended serums and treatments, we treat our extensions by strengthening our eyelashes.

After the pose: new gestures and advice

Should you change your beauty routine?

A little. Applying for eyelash extensions, it is better to avoid creamy and oily cosmetics, peel the extension and eyelash off goodbye cream and cleansing milk.

We prefer micellar waters or specific cosmetics ( Misencil fortifying makeup remover, € 29.50 for 120 ml ).

The big difference, on the other hand, concerns makeup. Unless you want to emphasize the lashes for a special occasion, you don’t need mascara!

Do the extensions support the beach and pool?

Yes. No question of forbidding yourself to enjoy, but it is better to take care of the maintenance of your eyelashes and extensions to prolong their life as much as possible!

Maintenance of eyelash extensions

To keep eyelashes looking beautiful, you have to fill the eyelashes every three or four weeks or so (it varies depending on the person), which is less expensive than the initial application.

You have to make an appointment as soon as you find that your eyelashes are more and more sparse and that it starts to bother you aesthetically.

The ideal is to always go through a pro to do it if you are not patient, seeing them fall on their one by one.

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