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Hair removal – which technique to choose?

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hair transplant clinic  involves removing, temporarily or permanently, the hair of human skin, male or female. It can affect all parts of the body, from the most visible (face, legs, arms, etc.) to the most intimate (pubic hair, etc.).

Types of hair removal

Facial hair removal

  • It can temporarily (or permanently by some methods) remove the down that covers the skin of parts of the face
  • That appears (In women, these fine hair can frequently appear on the chin, cheeks, and lip.
  • At the time of menopause, hormonal changes can develop this fluff).
  • It is used for hair growing in the ears and nostrils and separates the two eyebrows more clearly (in men or women). It sometimes aims to avoid regular shaving.

Leg waxing

  • In women, social coercion or the internalization of beauty standards leads to leg waxing.
  • The dissemination of the image of an unsaved woman in Europe is rare, which is why we tend to imagine that all women always shave.
  • Some men wax their legs for aesthetic or practical reasons (for example, cyclists use this hair removal: a wound made during a fall is better to treat if the person is shave).

Underarm hair removal

  • It does not limit bad smells but gives this part of the body a more aesthetic appearance by some companies.
  • Nowadays, in the West and Muslim countries, most women wax or shave their armpits.
  • It has become the standard when the hairs make it possible to retain the little moisture present to maintain a suitable temperature.
    Thus prevent the body from having too much need for perspiration.
  • Hairless, so we sweat more.
  • Men sometimes do it too.

Hair removal of the pubis

  • The hair removal bikini is to remove the hair protruding from the swimsuit.
  • From Antiquity to the present day, pubic hair removal has been practiced by some and rejected by others.
  • In men, hair removal of the pubis makes the penis appear larger – the base of the latter being completely free – or, by imitation of women, for so-called “aesthetic” reasons.

Integral hair removal

  • Complete hair removal leaves no hair.
  • It accused of impoverishing the coat and revealing the scars.
  • Many techniques to achieve this total hair eradication, from laser hair removal to hair removal by electrolysis, destroy the hair bulb.
  • Leave the skin without gray shadows due to the hairs under the skin and other hair removal methods.

Methods used

Different methods exist to remove hair.
None, however, protects from the problems caused by hair removal (risk of infection, regrowth of ingrown hair, cuts, or micro-trauma in particular).

Temporary methods

A metal tool with two flexible arms of the same length, terminated by square base tweezers.

1. Tweezers
A traditional technique, pliers hair removal remains the most popular hair removal method because of its simple, fast, practical, versatile, and economic nature.

The tweezers are the tool of choice for finishing the eyebrows, armpits, bikini lines, and legs, as their precision remains unmatched.

However, the tweezers do not allow an individual to epilate large areas of skin.

2. The razor
Fast and efficient, the razor remains one of the favorite means of cutting hair.

Perfect for the legs and armpits, it not design for bikini waxing. It is advisable to use special foam to prevent cuts and dryness.

However, shaving should be very regular (about once every two days), and the hairs that grow back seem harder because they cut at an angle.

3. The electric epilator
It combines the tweezers’ advantages (pulling the hair, pledge of slower regrowth), and the razor Slower than the traditional razor; it is ideal for the legs.

The electric epilator rolls up the hair until it pulls out with its bulb. However, this remains relatively painful, especially during the first few uses.

4. Waxing
There are different types of depilatory wax: hot wax, lukewarm wax, and cold wax.

Generally speaking, the three types of waxes have comparable advantages and disadvantages.
Know that cold wax is helpful if you are in a hurry or on vacation to depilate small areas quickly.
Hot wax is effective but somewhat challenging to use and not recommend for skin or blood circulation problems.

Lukewarm wax is probably the most popular, especially in institutes. We gladly use wax for all parts of the body

Permanent hair removal

  • The permanent eradication of hair base on two types of methods:
  • The oldest, some will even say “the most effective,” is needle hair removal or electrolysis.
    Practiced for more than a century, we now have the necessary hindsight to say that no long-term side effects were observed.
  • The latest is photo depilation, whose principle is to destroy the hair thanks to light’s energy.
    This technique includes laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal (or Intense Pulsed Light / IPL).
    Electric hair removal
  • It involves inserting a needle (almost the hair’s thickness) into the hair channel, and a high-frequency current burns the matrix.
  • It uses at the beginning of the xx century, and only it is the galvanic current which was the vector of the result.
  • Today, thanks to very thin needles and much better-studied current, well applied.
  • It has the advantage of being radical from the first session, whatever the color of the hair, its growth phase, or the color of the skin.
  • Despite these many drawbacks, it remains the recommended method for skin and areas of the body not compatible with the laser or when other techniques have proven ineffective.


Choosing a hair removing method is not easy, as each has strengths and weaknesses.

No matter what technique you use, the important thing is that you do it properly.

If you do shave, remember to change your blades regularly.

For those who choose wax, nofollow the instructions to the letter or, if you can afford it, consult a beautician, at least for the first few sessions.

Those who will use permanent hair removing techniques, remember that these are methods that can involve specific risks when they are misused.

Call in a certified and experienced professional.

Do not hesitate to ask for referrals from your beautician

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