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Hairstyles For Thin Hair – Double Ponytail, Classic Bob, Topknot and More

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Hairstyles For Thin Hair –

We are looking for is that the hair does not weigh so as not to accentuate its straight appearance, so the first step will be to wash it so that there are no residues that weigh it down.

Afterwards, we can dry it with the head upside down to lift it from the roots and gain volume before starting with the hairstyles for thin hair.

Undoubtedly the “midi” length is one of the star cuts of recent seasons, which stands out for its comfort and versatility.

When combing, thin and sparse hair can opt for medium-pointed undone waves, which will open the hair naturally (from the roots, it would be too obvious and forced).

Hairstyles for straight and thin hair

Double ponytail

A simple high-trend ponytail can look poor on a not very dense mane and with fine hair.

But we can resort to a trick to visually gain the amount of hair and make the collected hair look more voluminous.

It consists of collecting the first upper section of the hair as if it were a traditional semi-updo.

Then, moving the section already collected with the rubber band forward, we use another to collect the rest of the hair in a high ponytail that is well attached to the previous one so that both seen as much more voluminous.

We can enhance the effect by creating soft waves in the collected part and applying a fixing or texture spray to complete it.

Classic “Bob”

From the outset, this cut’s structure has everything you need to add volume to a fine and not too dense mane: it is slightly asymmetrical (shorter at the back) and of equal length, which adds thickness to the hair.

If we also comb it properly, we will achieve the effect we are looking for.

It is, for example, drying it with heat with the head down, adding a little texture with some product and playing with some undone waves from medium to ends.

Another trick to gain volume and change your “look” from time to time with this type of haircut is to comb the part to the side.

Combining it with a bit of product that provides texture, the result will be more than visible.


The classic bow on the crown that has been a trend for some seasons back will only be flattering on not abundant manes and fine hairs if we give volume to the collected part.

Otherwise, the finish will be poor and not very flattering, as if the bow disappears over the head.

To avoid this, on the one hand, we can card the collected hair with which we will configure the bun, applying a product that provides texture.

On the other hand, we can use a doughnut or thick rubber hairstyle accessory that provides structure to the bun and allows us to gain thickness.

In this case, the accessory must be the same colour as our hair so that everything integrated. Finally, we must not forget the fixative to ensure that the finish is durable.

Relaxed semi-pick up

The semi-collected is also an excellent option to enhance the volume and amount of hair in the mane.

We should try in these cases to make open semis, which are not too tight and with a more romantic air.

It means holding the hair behind the head with front sections not too thick to not subtract too much from the mane, leaving strategic strands loose.

It is best to part the middle or to one side to avoid a too polished finish if we comb it back.

To achieve the ideal structure to fix the hairstyle, we can start making light waves and applying products to texture.

Undone braid

The classic tight and defined braids do not turn out to be flattering on fine and low-density hair, whether they are three-stranded or spike.

Instead, we should opt for versions with a more casual air, like waste, based on carefully selected strands if we want to wear this type of hairstyle.

A version that, on the other hand, is a trend. We can start working the hair with a texturizing product that gives us structure when configuring the braid.

Then we will do it usually, without leaving it too tight but not excessively loose since the finish could fade.

To obtain the ideal undone result, we only have to loosen the strands with our fingers once the braid is finished and even remove some randomly with the comb’s help.

Also, it is advisable to choose a low braid to play with more hair when picking it up and giving it the necessary volume.

If we collect the braid at the top of the head, the result will be tighter, and we will have less margin in the case of imperfect hair to achieve a positive outcome.

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