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Natural Hair Colouring – Benefits, Hair-care and Vegetable Colouring Packs, and More

by healthandbeautytimes

Natural Hair Coloring –

The organic vegetable dyes are healthy coloring,

100% natural, made with elemental dye plants powders; they are entirely devoid of oxidants and ammonia and are a gentle solution to colour your hair.

Even the whitest, by providing extra care thanks to their natural elements.

The henna is the flagship plant solution for colouring hair naturally, but many plants and even barks have surprising dyeing capacities.

It is the case, for example, with cinnamon, saffron, chamomile or madder.

These plants are transformed into fine powders mixed with lukewarm water, form a poultice whose pigments colour the hair fibre without penetrating it.

And also, coating the hair avoids damaging it and gives it all the care that nature contains in its ingredients.

The benefits of natural colouring

Natural hair colouring gives the hair all the strength, vitality and volume they need.

The unsightly effect of the visible roots that appear with chemical colouring is attenuate because the natural colour is gradually eliminated.

And also, blurs the boundary with your hair colour.

Sensitive scalps are subject to many inconveniences: itching, skin reactions, etc.

The soothing virtues of vegetable colours considerably reduce the risk of allergy or tingling and restore their comfort while maintaining their healing benefits.

And also, the shades that we offer are suitable for all types and hair colours, and you can shade them as you wish.

Our natural hair dyes La Vie Nature

Thanks to our natural hair dyes, you can develop your shades depending on whether you want to achieve blonde, light brown to dark brown, red, brown and black hair.

The henna colourations exalt all their nuances according to their exposure time on your hair.

You get pretty, more or less discreet reflections, going up to a deep and intense shade. They perfectly cover white hair.

Brand of vegetable colours La Vie Nature comes in fine pigmented Ayurvedic powders.

We recommend that you mix with other plant powders to accentuate or attenuate highlights.

And also, vegetable powders also have no bleaching power, and you will not be able to go from a dark brown to a blonde, for example.

Our hair-care and vegetable colouring packs

To facilitate your research into care and colouring.

We have designed packs made up of three La Vie Nature products that allow you to provide your hair with complete respect at the same time as colouring.

These packs contain everything that nature can offer to care for and beautify your hair; you will find:

– a henna colouring available in hazelnut, black, mahogany and dark chestnut,

– natural henna for pre-colouring if you have more than 25% white hair,

– an ayurvedic powder treatment with fortifying teeth.

Thanks to the dosage that you will carry out, and according to your hair colour.

Our range of natural hair dyes La Vie Nature allows you to obtain shades in all the shades of chestnut, coppery tones auburn to reds, browns, deep blacks and bluish blacks.

La Vie Nature Hazelnut Colouring Pack

In the La Vie Nature Hazelnut Herbal Hair Colour Pack with Henna, your hair will benefit from a soft and natural dazzling colouring.

And also, it reveals subtle autumnal shades of light brown to dark brown, associated with a complete treatment that brings volume and strength.

La Vie Nature mahogany vegetable colouring pack

Mahogany henna brings deep and luminous mahogany reflections.

And also, composed of powders of Ayurvedic plants with fortifying and detoxifying virtues, your dull hair regains shine and vigour.

La Vie Nature dark brown vegetable colouring pack

The natural products in the La Vie Nature dark brown vegetable colouring pack with henna bring you all the benefits of Ayurvedic powders and henna.

Your hair regains softness, suppleness and resistance.

And also, dark chestnut henna releases warm, deep highlights on lighter hair.

Black vegetable colouring pack La Vie Nature

However, this pack intends for people who want to have jet, strengthened and shiny hair thanks to the benefits of black henna and Ayurvedic powders.

La Vie Nature also offers other henna colourings that you can purchase individually.

Our natural hair colouring products provide all the care necessary to care for, maintain and beautify your hair and are a natural solution to your grey hair coverage.

Henna Lawsonia natural Inermis Life Nature

The natural henna comes from the leaves of the tree Lawsonia Inermis.

And also, its colouring properties vary from light orange to intense coppery red, including all ranges of mahogany and auburn red.

Lawsonia Inermis natural henna use as a pre-colouring for dark hair.


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