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Nycil Powder – Description, Advantages, Uses, and Methods

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What is the description of Nycil Powder?

Brand: Nycil

Company: Heinz

Agency: Rediffusion DY&R

Brand Count: 220

Nycil Powder has a unique 3-way prescription as well as prickly fight heat. Maintaining your skin dry is the best way to prevent prickly heat.

Nycil Talcum Powder contains 51% pharma-grade starch, which absorbs sweat & keeps the skin dry.

If the skin is affected, Chlorphenesin in Nycil Powder protects against bacterial and fungal infections, while Zinc Oxide provides soothing protection.

Is Nycil powder highly seasonable?

The brand keeps track of the market and rivalry and never shied away from experimenting.

  1. Yes, the nycil powder and its category are highly seasonal, and the buy is the principal problem or wants driving.
  2. Sometimes the client will go for the brand that has the highest share of mind and voice.
  3. For example, far above the ground profile ads of Dermicool take away some of Nycil powder’s marketplace.
  4. It takes a group of hard work to differentiate such niche brands.
  5. Haven’t I seen any celebrity endorsing prickly heat powders? For a change having a celebrity endorsing Nycil may work for the season. Will it?
  6. I also think that it is the right time for this brand to take on the “Freshness” platform in place of soothing because there are more valuable and moving space in taking on the Freshness platform while keeping the points of parity with the PHP category.
  7. The brand can also come out with multiple campaigns aimed at different sets of segments like Sales Executive, Kids, Working women, and College students rather than sticking to one element.
  8. The rationale is that since the brand is a seasonal one, expanding the segments will be a viable option.
  9. And also, since different segments have different consumer behavior, multiple campaigns make more sense.

What is Nycil Cool Herbal Powder?

  • Due to boiling heat and extreme hike in pollution, you always feel itching. Sweat gives rise to more germs and bacteria, which is not at all skin-friendly.
  • It would help if you had powder for instant relief for such occurrence, and that powder is called nycil powder.
  • Accessible in cold and herbal ingredients provides you with a cooling sensation once you start using it.
  • And also, the chilly herbal powder comprises of Pudina and Neem extract. It is helpful to prevent you from this roasting heat outside.
  • It will barely take four weeks to get a helpful result. It helps in keeping the skin dehydrate and further will absorb sweat.
  • Nycil Cool Herbal is enriched proficiently with Pudina and Neem fragrance to keep you cool ad refreshed all day long.

What are the advantages linked to Nycil Powder?

When you have so many dissimilar types of talcum powder in the market, what makes nycil talc the most excellent among many.

Thanks to its profit and a cold sensation, this powder reaches the highest number in your powder list for the humid summer months.

And also, some of the advantages are:

  1. It helps in rapidly absorbing sweat and provides a refreshing look.
  2. The perfect blend of Neem and Pudina keeps you cool and kills away germs.
  3. These are the first-class quality herbal ingredients we use to provide results within four weeks.
  4. It helps in keeping your skin waterless and soft.
  5. It consists of antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  6. The product helps drop rashes and itches on the skin and gives it a smooth and faultless look.
  7. The nycil powder is compact and is quite voyage friendly.
  8. It helps in protecting your skin from prickly heat.

When can we use Nycil Powder?

  • You can use this item for consumption all year round, but it is most suitable during summer months.
  • When it becomes impossible to bear the heat anymore, and you are sweating profusely, you might consider the benefits of using this powder.
  • Its antiseptic and antifungal properties make it amazing to use on rashes and other red puffy areas.
  • You can even apply the powder on the sweat area, and in some folds of your skin, there are high chances for sweat to accumulate.
  • As the material is artificial using herbal ingredients, therefore; you are free from any side effects.
  • Ensure to use the powder at least two times a day, for a better result, and on infected germ areas mostly.

How to use Nycil powder?

The nycil powder uses are more or a smaller amount, same as any talcum powder.

  1. You have to pat your skin waterless first. I recommend you to use this product after you take a proper shower.
  2. And also,  clean your body with soap and from the microorganisms.
  3. After that, take a clean towel to tap yourself dry.
  4. Apply the nycil powder in any parts of your body. It is healthier to apply this product directly to the infected areas.
  5. And also, You must apply it to the areas, extra prone to sweating. It absorbs sweat quickly, leaving your skin dry and smooth.

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