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Optimize and Organize Your PDF Files With GoGoPDF

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Our new world of technology keeps evolving, which changed everything around us, including our daily routine at home and work. Some of them helped us, but some of them destroyed our productivity. One of the things that helped us improve our productivity at work is using electronic files and our recent communication method, the internet.

Electronic files are equipped with various features that help us create our documents quickly and creatively. Electronic files come in multiple formats, but one of the best ones is the PDF format. When it comes to PDF formats, we should learn from the experts, such as GoGoPDF. This website has all your needed tools when it comes to PDF files.

The GoGoPDF Website

GoGoPDF is one of the most used websites where you can do many things to your PDF files using their twenty-six PDF tools. The website is safe and reliable because of the technology they have. Where the files uploaded in their system will be deleted automatically in an hour. Aside from that, they have 26 valuable tools to assist you with your needs when it comes to PDF.

One of their tools is PDF repair, convert Word to PDF, Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, and more. Their tools and services are free to use for 14 days. You just have to input your email, register it to their website, verify it, and get all their services free in 14 days. The website can be easily accessed on different platforms and software with just one click.

Depending on which one you are looking for to use for your PDF file, there are many different categories on the website. Now one of the neglected tools when it comes to PDF is optimizing and organizing your files. Here are some of GoGoPDF’s ways and when to use them.

Optimize PDF Files By Repairing It

PDF files can sometimes get corrupted and destroyed, especially when there is a virus or when the file size can not be supported by your email or both of you and the sender are using various software. GoGoPDF has the tool that you need to repair your PDF file back to its original format. You have to nofollow these five clicks below:

  1. First is you download the file from the sender and save it to your computer.
  2. Next, open the website and upload the damaged file to the toolbox of the website.
  3. GoGoPDF’s tool will start analyzing your file once uploaded.
  4. Please note that not all corrupted files can be recoverable by the website’s tools, but GoGoPDF will do its best not to worsen the files’ condition.
  5. Click the repair button and wait until it’s done, then download the new recovered file to your computer.

Optimize PDF Files By Compressing It

You can optimize your vast PDF files by compressing them into one file using the GoGoPDF tool of Compress PDF. This tool can help you squeeze in all the files related to each other into one file without compromising the file’s quality. There is no website online that offers this compressor tool for free. Get to know this tool by reading the steps below:

  1. Select the files you want to compress and upload them to the GoGoPDF compressor tool.
  2. When the files are uploaded, select your desired option available.
  3. GoGoPDF’s compressor tool will analyze the files and start compressing them into one.
  4. If the process is complete, you can now download the newly compressed file to your computer.

Organize PDF Files By Deleting Some Pages

One of the struggles when working in a corporate industry where files are being scanned and converted to PDF is when you need to delete some pages that are not that important. Also, you might encounter this scenario where your boss or manager wants you to remove unnecessary information in your PDF file.
GoGoPDF has the easiest way to help you with those pages, and you only have to nofollow four steps based on their website.

  1. Select the document and upload it to the tool where you will be used to remove the pages.
  2. Select the pages that you want to remove and click the “Apply Changes” button.
  3. Once the changes are applied, please wait until it is done.
  4. Then you can download the new file to your computer.


GoGoPDF is an excellent website for all beginners and all those who want to do things quickly and easily. Optimizing and Organizing your files helps you save up your space in your device without destroying your file.


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