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10 Best Dessert Vape Juices 2021 – Health And Beauty Times

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If you are looking for a category with an extensive range of flavoring, look for dessert Vape flavors. From popular puddings to sweet treats and pastry delights, you will get what you want. Desserts have a rich sweet taste, e-liquids with these flavors can make your evenings or cold months quite bearable.

Dessert flavors also work well for social occasions. If you are visiting your in-laws and step out to vape a flavor that you’ve just had for dessert, the smell will blend in perfectly! Many vapers often ask what the best dessert flavors are and the award winning vape flavors of 2021.

Here is a list of the top 10 dessert e-liquid flavors

1.Banana Caramel Waffle

Waffles are many people’s favorite breakfast. E-juice makers now have your favorite flavor for you to enjoy as you vape any time of the day without worrying about calories. When the buttery waffles combine with the sweet caramel and ripe banana, your taste buds will only demand more!

The banana caramel doesn’t just guarantee a smooth throat hit but also a characteristic dessert vape flavor that won’t disappoint.

2.Totally Toffee

If you love candies, then you love your dessert with that extra gooey and sweet flavor of toffee. The problem with such sweet desserts is that they can cost you a tooth. But you don’t have to worry about your teeth when it’s packed in an e-juice.

The toffee flavor comes with harmonized layers of caramel and chocolate. You might even find it better than the real toffee.

3.Belgian Waffle Vape Liquid

Who doesn’t love traditional waffles? Everyone knows that Belgian waffles stand out for their delicious taste. With such a sweet and scrumptious taste, they make excellent desserts.

Belgian Waffles are crispy and crunchy and will leave you wanting more. If you love the flavor but want to avoid the calories, why not try the Belgian Waffle e-juice flavor. You will love it! Of course, the juice doesn’t come along with the texture, but it is rich in that amazingly sweet, subtle flavor.

4.Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard

Crème Anglaise, Strawberries, and tangerines are all mixed into a single flavor; just the thought of it gets your taste buds wet. And when it lands on your mouth, it will leave you woolgathering rainbows.

The e-juice will leave you thinking that you are on holiday on some exotic island.

5.Lemon Tart

If you haven’t tried Dinner Ladies Lemon Tart, you are missing out on one of the best flavors for a chilled-out evening. It’s a bestseller for the right reasons. Boasting a zesty lemon curd infused with a buttery, rich pastry makes the perfect classic pudding flavor, and you can also try this tobacco free pouches.

Lemon tart also comes with different options for those who prefer Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung (DTL).

6.Apple Nutter

If you have tasted the Apple Nutter, then you can confirm that nothing comes close. This flavor is a rich fusion of spiced cinnamon, caramel, and pecan nut to compliment the crisp, bittersweet taste of apple. The result is a creamy, fragrant flavor with a vanilla topping.

These ingredients can mislead you into thinking that this is a one messed up flavor, but no! Apple nutter gives that wintery comfort, making it so calming and nostalgic.

7.Powwow Sauce

The name may be confusing, but the powwow is simply a buttery pastry and toffee flavor with a touch of distinct biscuit tinge. It is a perfect flavor for those who like their robust flavors with some added sweetness.

One thing you’ve to note before buying this flavor is that it’s ideal for low-wattage devices. If you have a pod device or a starter kit, then it will serve you best.

8.Caramel Crunch

You cannot talk about the best dessert flavors without mentioning the Caramel Crunch. You may underrate this flavor, but once you taste it, you realize that it’s one of the best flavors you’ll taste. It consists of simple ingredients of butterscotch and toffee, but the blending brings out quite a unique taste.

If you are the kind of vaper who likes to mix their e-juice at home, you can buy caramel crunch flavor concentrate and add it to your regular e-juice.

9.Raspberry Doughnut

Grandma’s doughnuts always leave everyone wanting more! But with such a high amount of calories, you want to limit how much you can take. You can now enjoy that taste without worrying about adding calories with the Raspberry Doughnut flavored e-juice.

Raspberry Doughnut is simply a partnership of sweet flavors with an authentic bakery tinge blended with syrupy raspberry jam. When it hits your taste buds, you get that ripe-tasting, fruity undertone.

10.Cherry Bakewell

This flavor mimics the Bakewell tart flavor, a quintessential traditional British pudding. If you like the buttery cake pastry of the Bakewell tart, Cherry Bakewell flavor mimics it perfectly but adds a hint of juicy raspberry jam and tops it up with sweet icing sugar.

Cherry Bakewell has a lighter throat hit, but the taste will send you to a sleepy English village.


Dessert flavors offer such a wide variety of flavors. If you go through the above list, you can be certain to find something you will love.

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