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How To’s: Using The Handiest PDFBear Features

by healthandbeautytimes

PDFBear is the best online software that many people use to convert, repair, unlock, split, or even add passwords to their PDF files. If you wish to know how to operate some of this online platform’s features, you are in the right place. So here are some of the handiest features of PDFBear.

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Protect PDF

Always protect your PDF by setting a password on your file. With PDFBear’s encrypting tool, all individuals can quickly put a password to their documents using the software’s advanced technology. The system uses a 256-bit encryption technique, making it the most secure cryptographic method available today. By using the tool to help you set a password to your PDFs, your file will be more secured and safe. And it will be most likely impossible for anyone to crack your code.

PDFBear is always the best in terms of your PDF needs or issues. If you don’t know or have the perfect tools, you can always go to their site. Through there, you can see an array of features that can help you. One of them is the password protect PDF tool that will help you protect your PDF documents conveniently and reliably. It is so easy to set a password for your PDF; all you have to do is nofollow these easy steps:

  1. Press “Select Files.” Choose the PDF file, then upload it to the site. Or drag and drop the file into the box provided.
  2. Type your desired password and make sure no one will know.
  3. An “Encrypt PDF” button will appear, click and wait for it to start the process.
  4. After that, you will have your freshly coded PDF document. Download and save to your device.

Split PDF

With this function, you can extract or split unwanted pages from your original PDF file with ease. Or if you need a specific page from your document and want to make it into another PDF file. Those are the two functions of the Split PDF tool that it offers. With that, it will be more time-efficient than making a new document for that certain page of your PDF. It will save more of your limited time because this web-based software works fast and straightforward.

With how simple and easy the process to execute, users will not have a tough time splitting the pages. You can even have an overview of all the pages from your PDF document so that you’ll be able to remove the pages you want effortlessly. The system will do the work, and all you have to do is click the needed buttons to start the process and wait for it to complete. After that, your files are ready, and you can download them with no sweat. If you want to grasp more about how to do it, below are the step by step procedure:

  1. Choose the file from your device by clicking the “Select Files” bar.
  2. An overview of your PDF’s pages will appear; click the pages you want to extract or split.
  3. After that, click for the pages to refine, and then the system will export them into a different PDF.
  4. All things are complete, and you can now download the file.

Unlock PDF

If you have tons of protected PDF files, that might be annoying and hassle in case of emergency. If you wish to solve this kind of difficulty, you will need a tool that will quickly remove any PDF protection using only mobile devices and an internet connection. There are times that average PDF users don’t know how to find this kind of tool, but you’re already one step closer to achieving your goal if you are reading this.

PDFBear is online PDF managing software that will process your documents in a few clicks. It is also capable of unlocking tons of PDFs in under a minute with the Unlock PDF function. With its straightforward interface, newbies won’t have a hard time figuring out how to use this feature because the software will provide the instructions. When you upload or even download your files, there will be less effort and time to consume. With that said, here are the steps on how to easily unlock your PDFs:

  1. Upload the protected files that you need to unlock into the conversion bar of PDFBear.
  2. Place your password.
  3. Tap “Unlock PDF” and start decrypting it.
  4. You can now download the file to your PC or mobile devices.


There are so many tasks that people need to finish in a day, but that should not be the same with handling your PDF documents. If you wish to be more productive and to have a hassle-free life, start using the features that PDFBear provides. This online software’s features are free to use anywhere and anytime you want.

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