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Sufficient Support For Your PDF Files Using Advanced Tools From PDFBear

by healthandbeautytimes

Most people have been into using Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Compared to many file formats, PDF is one of the most secure and convenient because of its tamper-proof feature. It also does not eat up large storage from your device, making it much easier to send through emails.

However, handling PDF files comes with a few issues that may need technical assistance. That is why you need tool/s that will help you deal with some PDF-related issues. Thankfully, PDFBear is ready to offer you all of its tools with no paid subscriptions and charges.

Besides free access, PDFBear and its advanced tools have a lot more to offer. Check out each of these tools’ uses and features.

PDF Split Tool

If you don’t want to include your entire document in your report, it would be perfect for you to seek help from PDFBear, because they have a splitting tool for you. PDFBear enables you to split PDF files according to your preference. In line with this, splitting your PDF file will also reduce its file size.

Another feature of PDFBear’s splitting tool is its cloud system, where access to their tools and services are possible anytime and anywhere using the cloud. Users find it very easy to use the tool even though they are on a bus ride. With this, you won’t have to download and install an application or software since you can use your browser.

PDFBear also makes excellent and straightforward processes. They do not require a prior skill in using the tool. In a matter of a few clicks, you will have a successful splitting process. The four-step process includes uploading a PDF file that you want to split by simply clicking the “Select Files” tab.

Next would be selecting specific pages from your file, pages that you want to separate into a new file location. From there, do not forget to apply the changes you have made from the second step. Click “refine to start the process immediately. Lastly, download and save the final product given by the PDF Split tool.

Delete PDF Tool

PDFBear is the most efficient and trusted tool when it comes to removing pages from a PDF file. Not only that it produces high-quality results, but PDFBear also prioritizes your file’s privacy and security using a smart and unique security system. All uploaded and downloaded files will be permanently deleted on their server an hour after the page-removal process has taken place.

This Delete PDF tool will be most useful whenever you have unnecessary and unused pages in your PDF file. This way, you can also reduce the size of the file easily. Deleting pages from your PDF with PDFBear comes with four quick and easy steps.

First, drag the PDF file from your computer and drop it to PDFBear’s server. Afterward, carefully select the pages that you want to get rid of from your file, and then apply the changes. Lastly, download the newly modified file and save it to your computer or in the cloud storage.

Merge PDF Tool

Merging PDF files is very helpful when you want to keep your computer desktop organized. If you are given multiple files with similar content or data, you might as well combine all those files to easily access all of them in one file.

This merging tool by PDFBear is accessible through all platforms and operating systems; that’s why it’s pretty convenient to use this whether you use Windows, Android, iOS, or even Linux operating systems.

Word to PDF Conversion Tool

If you have a research study that you want to protect or secure, it is best for you to convert it into a PDF file so that you can create a security code. With PDFBear, you can guarantee a safe and fast conversion process. On top of that, it’s a free conversion tool, so you can convert any file without worrying about paying charges.

You may complete the conversion successfully only by nofollowing these four steps:

  • Step 1. Upload a Word document as required by PDFBear. Click the “Select Files” tab or drag the file from your device and drop it on PDFBear’s toolbox directly.
  • Step 2. The tool will automatically scan and extract the texts from the pages and then start converting.
  • Step 3. The process usually takes one minute. So, please wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 4. Finally, a nicely converted PDF file will be ready for you to download and save.


If you need to do more than only converting your PDF files, PDFBear will be best for you. With all its unique tools, surely you can manage all your PDF concerns easily.

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