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Shag Haircut – Fashion Come, Who Can Wear, Advice to Adopt

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Where does this fashion come from?

Shag haircut –

The English word “shag” refers to wool or a carpet with long wicks. The Shag cut plays on the dimensions.

It degrades the lengths to create multiple levels.

Short on the top of the head, layered down on the sides, a hybrid cut whose locks of different lengths frame the face and bring rock and neutral effect.

Wrinkly and fuzzy, it gives a mastered combed-dishevelled style. It has often worn with a parting in the middle and with a more or less thick fringe.

To play on the volume and the structure, it sublimated with waves. Curly hair is advantageous. It can worn on long hair, straight hair or short hair, with no constraints.

Who can wear this Shag haircut?

Through the centuries of fashion, “shag” hairstyles have had many faces. The modern “shag” is both sober and rich.

The mid layers’ rhythmic movement creates a very fresh and sophisticated style, which we modern women want to achieve with our casual looks.

It is a trendy haircut for 2019 that fits every length perfectly.

You will never be bored with this “shag” cut because its asymmetrical shape gives your hair a fascinating effect, associated with the incredible brilliance of the colours.

Shag cuts can get along well with different hair types and looks. If you are not sure about your face’s shape, do not hesitate to consult our professionals’ advice.

This shaggy hairstyle cut is perfect for round faces that frame your face and make it look slimmer.

The cute layers of shaggy locks blend with cute bangs, which makes round faces look more appealing.

For what types of hair?

Curly shaggy hairstyles are proof that your natural curls can look neat.

Some women with naturally curly hair opt for the “shag” cut because it tidies up the curls without using many styling products.

Curly layered cuts make styling more accessible as they end up giving a clean and precise shape. So why not save time in the morning?

This type of hairstyle can revive fragile strands or fine hair because, indeed, it can make your hair more voluminous.

Go for a shag this year! Combine it with bangs or colour it with trendy colours.

Our advice to adopt it well

Ideal for highlighting the curly hair or curly, the shag haircut accentuates the spring loops and provides maximum volume to the lengths.

Some women look beautiful in corrugated or release wavy, giving a glamorous effect look. Rather suitable for thick or normal hair, it will tend to lose volume in fine hair.

Mistakes not to make

If you have thin hair, adopt a subtle shag cut with a slightly less pronounced gradient to maintain maximum hair density.

After 40 years, opt for a smooth shag cut rather than a deconstructed and wavy model, which will give a neglected side to your look.

How to maintain it?

“The cut should lighten every two months if you have thick hair, but if not, you can quite let it live for three to four months because the degradation from the eye grows back harmoniously”.

Drying is simple: head down for maximum volume or in the open air if the hair is already complete and supple.

For a better coating, the pro recommends spraying styling water (or two hazelnuts of gel mixed with water in a vaporizer) and texturing the strands with the fingers while drying them.

The next day, a blow of dry shampoo will restore swelling at the roots.

Since we have gained a little length, our bob or our bangs have grown back, and the shag cut is the trendy hairstyle to adopt after deconfinement.

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