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What are the Elegant, Sleek Hairstyles for Medium Hair? – High Bun, and More.

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Sleek Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The most beautiful hairstyles and updos for straight, short, and medium hair. Elegant and straightforward to do in a short time for elegant sleek hairstyle for medium hair.

15 Different Sleek Hairstyles for Medium Hair

1.High polished ponytail

  • The easiest, fastest, and most flattering hairstyle for elegant sleek hairstyle for medium hair, beautiful hairstyles, low pony.
  • Bella Hadid sports an ultra-polished ponytail. We have to say that it will always be better if you have opted for a straight haircut.
  • Straighten your hair and apply a serum. A trick? Please pick up the hair while it is still a bit wet, as this will make it more uniform.
  • When you finish, take a section of the hairtail and wrap it around the elastic for elegant sleek hairstyle for medium hair

2.Low polished pigtail

  • You can do the same to get a low polished ponytail like Kendall Jenner’s, especially if you wear an XXL version of hair. Likewise, you will get a much more sophisticated touch.

3.Ponytail with wavy hair

  • If you want to achieve a versatile hairstyle, go for a ponytail with wavy hair. It is a safe bet for a bad hair day.
  • To start, roll your hair on the curler diagonally and set the waves with hairspray.
  • Next, comb the hair so that the waves are not too defined and collect the hair.

4.Smooth table

  • The straight board hair is very fashionable, and it is a hairstyle of the easiest (and fast). Prepare the hair with a thermal protector and divide it into small sections (this will achieve better results).
  • Of course, once you pass the iron through each strand, try not to do it again until it has cooled down also. Lastly, apply a little serum for a shiny finish.

5.Up with bandana

  • Do you have little time but want to wear a very cool hairstyle? Please note this example and accessorize your hair, collect the hair, and secure it with bobby pins or rubber bands.
  • Go for a bandana or a fashionable scarf and wear this most versatile accessory with pride.

6.High bun

  • Get inspired by María Pombo’s hairstyle and bet on a high bun for your next parties. The top knot doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t worry about loose strands.
  • Apply some texturizer spray to your hair. Collect it in a high bun and add a cute hair tie.

7.Hollywood waves

  • Yes, waves in the hair are a trend season after season (we have already taught you how to do various hairstyles with locks ).
  • Make sections in your hair and take a team of about 4 cm complete. Then roll it on the curler diagonally.
  • Repeat with all sections, and when you finish, spray hairspray all over the hair.


  • The semi-collected remain a trend season after season. Add a texturizing spray to give your style more volume.
  • It will look good in both ways. Please pick up the top, making a semi-updo, and hold it with a rubber band.

9.Braid pin

  • Don’t panic; this hairstyle looks a lot more complicated than it is. Put the hair back and divide it into two halves.
  • Take small strands from one side, and pass it to the other side (pass a strand from the right to the left and the one from left to right).
  • Continue until you gather the hair with a rubber band.

10.Two braids

  • You can also go for two herringbone braids with a well-defined part like Gigi Hadid, elegant sleek hairstyle for medium hair.
  • We recommend that, before doing the braids, you apply a fixing gel to achieve the look of wet hair.

11.Two French braids

  • Part the hair down the center and divide the hair into two sections.
  • Take a triangular section from birth to crown and start to do the French braid (when you have two braids, take three more strands of loose hair, and continue braiding in this way).
  • Repeat for the other section of hair. Collect the two braids with rubber bands and fix the hairstyle with hairspray. It must be well polished.


  • If you think it is a problematic hairstyle, you are very wrong. Part your hair in two halves and take a section from each side.
  • Start from the crown: cross them, making a simple knot. Repeat throughout the hair, and the knots will tighten one after the other.
  • Hide the last knot underneath and fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

13.High ponytail with a braid

  • The high ponytail with braid is a perfect bet for all your parties. To start, collect the hair but forget about combing to detangle.
  • Create the herringbone braid and secure it with a rubber band and, in the end, open it with your hand to eliminate tension.

14.Hairstyle with flowers

  • The well-executed pixie cut is in itself a perfect hairstyle, but if you want to add details, then go for flower brooches, especially for an evening or ceremony.
  • Place the flower where you prefer: on the neck, on the bottom, on the side, like a cap. The choice is vast!
  • Also, colored bobby pins or rhinestone jewelry, and lots of small clips scattered on the different strands, can create various hairstyles for a concise cut.

15.Two spike braids

  • If you want to achieve a casual and relaxed hairstyle, take note of this stunning hairstyle.
  • Make two herringbone braids from the root and pin them up.
  • Curl loose strands with tweezers and set the hairstyle with hairspray.

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