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How to Strengthen Hair Roots? – Natural Care, Treatments, Methods, and Tips.

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How to strengthen hair roots to prevent hair loss?

It often happens that when you get up, you find hair accumulated on the pillow, or that, after a shower, you end up with a significant amount of hair in your hand.

We can expect the hair loss to a point, and these symptoms are often a sign that the roots have weakened.

Stress and lack of time also mean that you will not have enough time to care for your hair.

In this article, we explain how to maintain a healthy mane and tricks to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss.

Why is it important to take care of the hair roots?

Hair consists of two main parts: the stick and the root.

The stem is that part that we can see above the surface of the skin. It has three layers: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla.

The root of the hair is present under the skin. There is a bulb or “dermal papilla at the end of the hair,” where all the substances necessary for hair growth house.

Basically, at the root of the hair is where all the activity related to its growth occurs.

What are treatments to strengthen hair roots?

1.Masks, restorative tonics, and ampoules to strengthen hair

  • Starting by attacking the hair loss problem at the root is the best option.
  • Refreshing toners and masks and hair ampoules can bring favorable results when the roots’ weakening is at an early stage.
  • These products usually pack many nutrients, in addition to helping you look bright and healthy.

2.Can rosemary to strengthen hair

  • Among the specific benefits of rosemary is its ability to strengthen hair from the roots, stimulate growth, and help prevent hair loss.
  • This plant has many properties, among which we can find healing, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory, among others.
  • One way to take advantage of its benefits to take care of the hair root is through rosemary essential oil.

3.Olive oil to invigorate hair

  • The use of strengthening treatments that contain olive oil is another good option. Its benefits achieve shiny, hydrated, and strengthened hair.
  • You can also prepare a home treatment for your hair with this oil, which will surely give good results.

4.Shampoo with biotin and aloe vera

  • Different quality products are present to strengthen hair. The spray and shampoo Dr. Balwi, for example, is designed for healthy hair from the root.
  • Its ingredients include, among others, biotin, aloe vera, and green tea extract.

How to care to show off healthy hair?

Giving proper importance to hair can prevent more severe and advanced hair loss and alopecia problems in the future.

Some tips on how to care for hair from the roots:

  • Comb hair daily as it helps stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, allowing hair to grow healthier.
  • If you are looking for healthy hair with strong roots, it is important to rinse your hair with cold water.
  • Hot water can weaken the scalp, while cold water helps seal the cuticles, making them appear silky and shiny.
  • It is also essential to protect the hair from external agents and avoid abusing dyes and treatments that contain chemical products.
  • Eating a balanced diet also strengthens your hair. A correct diet provides the body with all the nutrients it needs: fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and dairy products guarantee excellent hair care.

What re the different methods to strengthen hair roots?

1.Use the right products to strengthen your hair:

  1. A good stylist can help detect and diagnose weak hair and make recommendations on the proper use of a product. Using the best products for soft hair is essential to restore it.
  2. For weak and delicate hair, you can use shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. It will strengthen the hair through an infusion of protein, amino acids, and other supporting properties.
  3. Please don’t use a shampoo that would dry out your hair, and when using a conditioner to strengthen it, start from the roots to the ends and not the other way around.
  4. You can improve conditioning by using a hot towel on your head to help penetrate deep into your hair follicles. A protein mask or deep conditioning treatment can be beneficial for hair that has lost strength.
  5. Keep in mind that the products you use on your hair can be excessive. You can have “too much” of a perfect thing, and using too much work over time can lead to hair weakness.

2. Take care of weak hair by reducing the use of chemicals:

  1. Abusing and over-processing your hair can weaken it. The continued use of harsh chemicals for coloring, bleaching, or perms can damage the hair fiber and cut it.
  2. When used frequently, or in potent doses, the chemicals can cause permanent damage, making hair weak, dry, and curly with parted ends and a breakage result.
  3. Counteract chemical damage through the use of a hair-damage shampoo and conditioner and intensive conditioning treatments.
  4. Look for styling products that contain sterile alcohol. Fatty alcohol helps to strengthen and soften hair. For severely weakened hair, use a protein and deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week.
  5. Rinse off the treatment in the morning. When you choose to color your hair, ask your stylist about conditioner-rich, ammonia-free formulas.

3. Weak hair hates heat:

  1. Don’t Play with Fire
  2. Excessive heat from dryers, tongs, and flat irons can cause hair to weaken and, therefore, breakage. Using a dryer that is too hot on wet hair heats the remaining water under the hair cuticle.
  3. It causes it to expand within the hair, leaving spaces or interior fibers that also weaken the hair follicle. This debris absorbs moisture from the air and causes frizz in the hair.
  4. For Chinese hair, use products created to have a curvy texture and try to comb with your fingers to avoid frizz.
  5. To repair dry highlights, use a moisturizing and conditioning shampoo, then use a strengthening product before using a styling product.
  6. Remember to use your styling tools in low temperatures, apply heat protection products before styling with dryers or flat irons to protect thermal damage, and finish with “finish-up” products that have oils that protect your hair.

4. Change your look and strengthen your hair:

  • Change how you wear your hair every day: Wearing your hair down every day can result in tangles and split ends. But ponytails and braids can also cause significant weakening.
  • Change your style every day to avoid damage to weak hair and refresh your look. Using down combed hair, use a fortifying shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to protect fragile hair.
  • When you wear it straight up, use a fortifying gel or mousse and non-metallic pins. The friction of styling your hair (with a comb) and wearing tight hats or caps can also cause your hair to weaken.
  • Don’t comb too much, and never do it when your hair is wet. An excellent detangling spray can defend your hair’s weakness while you style.

5. Frizz and how to prevent it:

  • When frizz is apparent, keeping your hair shorter can help prevent further damage and keep your hair from splitting to the roots.
  • Using a keratin shampoo can help restore protein to damaged hair and make it healthy again, but remember, this will not happen overnight. You will need to use it to notice a difference.
  • After using the shampoo, there are various conditioners available to help control your frizz, and when you are styling, use products to enhance smoothness and shine.

6. How to treat separated ends:

  • Divided hair is not happy or healthy.
  • There is no total cure for split ends, but as mentioned above, you can have them controlled with a toe-off every 6-8 weeks.
  • For more temporary remedies, use a little shampoo and conditioner and apply an oil treatment to keep the ends together. When you are styling, the fortifying products are the best.
  • They help keep the ends previously glued with the oil treatment.

7. How to take care of your scalp:

  • When trying to fix weak hair, the first line of defense is to start with the scalp. If it is healthy, it will create a chain reaction for the rest of your hair.
  • Scalps can be dry or oily, but there are specific products for each situation.
  • For a dry scalp that feels hard or itchy, we apply and keep the moisturizing oil for 5 minutes before bathing. A hair mask can help moisturize dry scalps and weak hair.

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