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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Shoes

by healthandbeautytimes

When you’re looking for wedding shoes, what are the most important things to look for? Of all the wedding shoe priorities to consider, how do you ensure you focus on the right ones? Of course, everyone attending a wedding from the bride to the distant cousins in the far corners of the reception hall is thinking about what kind of shoes to wear, but the bride, in particular, feels the most pressure. Therefore, how can brides be better ready for choosing the perfect wedding shoe?

Here are a few things to think about:

1. Reflect on Your Bridal Style

It’s critical to know what kind of bride you are going to be before you start looking for wedding shoes. Are you going for an ultra-chic modern look, or something more retro? Are you thinking traditional or avant garde? The shoes you choose will really depend a lot on this factor, so the first thing you should do is reflect on that and try to define your bridal style.

2. Dress First, Shoes Second

The shoes you buy should match the dress, rather than the other way around. That may sound odd, but it’s the easier way to do it. It’s far easier to choose a pair of shoes when you know what your wedding dress will look like because the style and detailing of the dress are usually the perfect way to match the perfect shoes.

Besides material, cut, and details on the dress, the dress length is also very important to know when choosing shoes, because for many it will dictate how big the heel might be (if any).

3. Shop Around, and Try Them On

You might be wearing your wedding shoes for a huge portion of the day. What’s more, you might be standing up for a lot of it. Many brides change for the reception, creating a different look and a more comfortable feel ready for dancing, but that’s not for everyone. The shoes need to be worn, walked in, and properly tested out before you make that commitment. Even your wedding day isn’t worth enduring too much discomfort, even if you think the shoes are gorgeous.

4. White Isn’t Everything

You might be wearing a white dress, but that doesn’t mean that your shoes have to be white, or even some tone of white like ivory, champagne, or nude tone. If you’re being more traditional by wearing a white dress, there’s nothing with injecting a bit of colour into the shoes. The shoes might even be your “something blue” if you nofollow that tradition.

5. Factor In the Venue

You’ve been planning your wedding up to this point and you most likely have the venue picked out before you’ve got your dress or shoes. That’s good because the venue itself should inform what kind of wedding shoes you buy. For instance, if it’s an outdoor venue and you have to walk on grass or other uneven ground, then sharp stiletto heels might be a bad idea. Light colours that show dirt could also be a bad idea.

Equally, if your wedding will have you on your feet in the same shoes the entire day walking around the venue, you should look for more comfortable ones. Does the venue have a lot of steps or stairs that you’ll have to navigate? What will the shoes sound like on the floor? The shoes need to match the venue as much as they need to match your dress choice and overall bridal style.

noFollow these tips and we’re sure you’ll end up with something perfect.

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