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What is Threading Facial Hair? – Pros and Cons with some Benefits, and More

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What is facial hair thread removal?

This beauty method in Egypt aimed to eliminate facial hair and achieve a much more attractive and beautiful face.

Today, this technique has become popular again because it achieves impeccable results and clean, natural skin without a trace of beauty.

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What is the necessary threading facial hair treatment?

  • The treatment is straightforward:
  • Use of a cotton thread that will be the main instrument to remove facial hair.
  • This thread is threaded around the beautician’s fingers to pull tight, and hair removes from the face.
  • The aesthetic professional must perform a series of precise and studied movements so that the hair disappears from the root and the result is impeccable.
  • This type of hair removal is increasingly replacing conventional depilatory methods such as tweezers or wax.
  • But it is always recommended that a specialist perform this technique so that the result is as expected.

What are the pros and cons of threading facial hair?

Pros of threading

  1. Altogether there are many positive aspects of opting for this technique. It is a formula that we especially recommend for sensitive skin or those prone to allergies.
  2. It is because it does not irritate the skin.
  3. 100% cotton thread is used and is therefore careful and does not usually irritate those epidermises with a tendency to become inflamed or present alterations.
  4. Another of the advantages that are assumed to the hair removal with thread is that it removes the hair from the roots and that, later, it grows weaker and more acceptable.
  5. This quality was indeed presupposed in other techniques, from wax – of a lifetime – to forms with laser and technology.
  6. In the case of threading, we ensure that all the extracted hair comes out by the roots, which, sometimes, the wax does not fully guarantee, for example.
  7. In addition to the fact that the hair that nofollows will grow weak and delicate, waxing prevents wrinkles and sagging and blemishes – another aspect that improves about wax, without going any further.
  8. It has an essential peeling effect, and that is what makes it smooth the first lines of expression and wrinkles that the person who undergoes this proposal may already present.
  9. In the case of eyebrow hair removal, it needs a more excellent and better definition and design. It is fast and painful, above all, so the results, according to the experts in this system, are satisfactory.
  10. We can use it for any part of the body, from the face to the legs, the hands, the groin, the abdomen, and it is durable.
  11. One final point: it is an inexpensive technique when compared to laser hair removal, so keep that in mind!

Cons of threading

  1. Given all the advantages, you have to look for the ‘but,’ and probably the biggest drawback to this formula to remove hair is that you cannot do it yourself.
  2. Well, unless you are a specialist in hair removal and you know and know how to apply this technique.
  3. This point is essential because with wax, creams, or blades, for example, you could have it done before leaving home when you had an important date or played a beach day.
  4. Another point is the possibility that it causes occasional irritations. If we fall into the hands of someone who does not know how to use it as it should, all the benefits that we presented to you in the previous point may fall on deaf ears.
  5. We hope that this list of pros and cons of threading facial hair has clarified your ideas and encourages you, if necessary, to try formula.
  6. Of course, we are always trusting professionals who know the keys to this ancient and ancestral oriental origin technique.

Discover the benefits of hair removal with the most outstanding

But why is thread removal taking so much in beauty salons? Because it is a technique that gives us a great variety of benefits and advantages, such as those that we will mention below:

1.100% natural:

  • One of the benefits of threading is that it is an entirely natural method. Therefore, we recommend for people who may suffer from skin sensitivity, irritations, and allergies.

2.Hair from the roots:

  • This method is just as effective as using tweezers or wax since it removes hair from its root. Therefore, over time, the hair becomes weak, and it will become easier to remove it.

3.It enhances beauty:

  • Because being such a precise and neat technique, it manages to create a meticulous design of the eyebrows. Therefore, the features and natural beauty of each person highlights.

4.Peeling effect:

  • Another benefit of hair removal with a thread is that it is a perfect method to remove dead skin cells and smooth first-time wrinkles that we may have on the skin.

5.Quick and painless:

  • This technique, contrary to what many people may think, is more painless than wax or the tweezers themselves. Also, it is a quick method to perform, as long as it is done by a professional.

6.Eliminate all hair:

  • Another advantage of this method is that it manages to remove all facial hair. Even the smallest one and that sometimes cannot be removed well with the tweezers.

7.Take care of the skin:

  • It is also an ideal method to achieve more cared-for skin. It is not irritating and does not harm the health of the dermis at all.

8.Longer lasting:

  • It also makes the effects of waxing longer lasting than with wax or tweezers. Therefore, with this method, you will be able to keep your skin hairless for longer.

9.Ecological method:

  • Of course, being a method for which only cotton thread is used, at no time does it negatively impact our environment, something that wax does, for example.

10.More hygienic:

  • Finally, this facial hair removal method is one of the most hygienic on the market. Since, at no time do you use products that can dirty your skin.

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