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A Complete Guide to Transgender Facial and Cosmetic Surgery

by healthandbeautytimes

There are many reasons why transgender individuals may want to undergo facial cosmetic surgery. Gender dysphoria is one of the most common. Often, these individuals will have long wished that their external appearance matched what they feel inside.

Besides, other reasons for changing your face and body include reconstructive surgery after an accident or injury.

Facial feminization is a popular procedure among male-to-female patients. But, looking to soften their features to resemble female facades without surgery can be complicating.

Facial implants improve feminization by changing the jawline, cheekbones, and nose. A surgeon can use different kinds of implants to achieve this transformation.

For transmen, facial masculinization is the process of changing one’s face to become more masculine. This process can include forehead contouring, jaw shaving or augmenting, cheek augmentation, and chin surgery, among other procedures.

What Should You Do Before the Surgery?

After deciding to undergo this surgery, you should do a couple of things to prepare.

The most crucial step is having a consultation with your plastic surgeon. Only they can tell you the right course of action and advise if they think it’s appropriate for you based on their years of experience, training, and knowledge.

Besides, you may be surprise to learn that there are many procedures available these days. Some of the procedures were unimaginable even ten years ago, and your surgeon may be able to recommend several different options.

Another critical step is getting the proper tests done beforehand to ensure you’re healthy enough for surgery and aren’t at risk for complications during or after the procedure. Your doctor will go over what kind of tests are need depending on your personal history and current state of health.

What Should You Expect?

To help you get a better idea of what’s involve and see that there aren’t any surprises, here is an overview of the surgery:

The first step will be anesthesia, either with IV sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of your procedure.

Once you’re unconscious, your surgeon will make an incision in the hairline and use a scalpel to create a flap. This point is when they remove additional skin below the scalp line, allowing them to pull it down over the forehead for better access during surgery.

Next, they’ll remove any excess cartilage from within this newly created space before reconstructing the brow line and smoothing it out. Finally, if you have forehead contouring, the surgeons use various implants to change how high or low your eyebrows appear and make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

But in the part of a masculinization process, such as for transmen (female-to-male), the surgeon will use implants to further augment the brow and forehead area to create a more masculine appearance.

Once this part of the procedure is complete, they’ll go ahead and close up your incision, which will be hidden in the hairline, allowing you to return home or back to your hotel.

Facial implants improve feminization and masculinization. Thus, you should consult with your plastic surgeon about which procedure is right for you.

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