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What Does the Good Feet Store Cost? A Closer Look at Good Feet Store Prices, Products and Customer Experience

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Did you know that the average person walks 100,000 miles in their lifetime? Your Good feet carry us through every part of life, whether at work or play. Your feet serve as the foundation for your entire body, so it’s no wonder that foot pain is a common problem.

This is where good arch support comes in. As you walk through life, the position of your feet can significantly impact your whole body. If your feet are properly aligned, you’ll have fewer aches and pains and will likely feel better overall. The Good Feet Store is a premium arch support provider that serves thousands every year.

How Much Do Good Feet Arch Support Inserts Cost?

Arch supports at The Good Feet Store generally cost between $200 and $500. However, stores also offer multiple arch support systems or bundles for a collective cost savings.

The Good Feet store carries a wide variety of sizes, models, and styles of arch supports. So the cost varies depending on the product, size, store location, and customer needs.

Are Good Feet Arch Support Inserts Worth It?

Good Feet Arch Support inserts are worth it. The Good Feet Store has high rates of success, uncompromised quality, and their products are manufactured here in the USA. They offer a personalized one-on-one service, a try before you buy policy, and even provide nofollow up calls to check progress. These are just some of the factors that make Good Feet a leader in the industry. While other options may seem less expensive, most find that it pays to invest in a quality product.

How Good Feet Arch Supports Work

Good Feet Arch Supports are placed in your shoes to support all four arches in the foot. They are designed to help your body evenly distribute weight and to improve proper joint alignment throughout the body. Good Feet Arch Supports can help by:

  • Providing additional stability and balance to the feet
  • Distributing pressure across the foot evenly
  • Aligning the body up the kinetic chain

All Good Feet Arch Supports are fit to each customer for free. During the fitting, you’ll have a chance to speak with a Good Feer Arch Support Specialist and find the right arch support for you. You’ll have their undivided attention for about an hour, and can ask any questions you might have about arch supports and how they can help you.

How Long Do Good Feet Arch Supports Last?

While they generally average five years, how long Good Feet Arch Supports last can vary based on each individual’s lifestyle, and activities they do while wearing them. Some customers are even encouraged to come back yearly for a foot check and replacement.

About the Free Arch Support Fitting and Experience

When you visit one of Good Feet’s many nationwide store locations, an Arch Support Specialist will assist you. No appointment is necessary, unless you prefer to make one ahead of time.

At your Free Fitting, your Arch Support Specialist will properly measure your feet, perform a balance test, and take into account your lifestyle and arch size. They focus on understanding your shoe preferences, activities, and work environment.

Once fitted, you can walk around with the arch supports in your own shoes abd try out your arch supports for as long as you like in the store. There is no pressure or obligation to make a purchase.

If you do decide Good Feet Arch Supports are right for you, you’ll be able to wear your new arch support inserts home.

Where to Get Good Feet Arch Supports

To get Good Feet Arch Supports, visit your local Good Feet store location. Good Feet now has over 180 locations across the country. Use the convenient store locator tool on the Good Feet website to find a store near you.

To learn more about Good Feet products and how they could help you, give Good Feet a call, book an appointment, or stop by your local Good Feet location today.


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