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5 Reasons To Get a Facelift

by healthandbeautytimes

With facelifts becoming regular procedures, individuals seek their ideal beauty by eradicating any signs of aging. When you see signs such as sagging skin, wrinkled, and fine lines, you want this type of age reversal procedure to address your dermatologic problems. Here is a list of reasons why you wish for a facelift.

1. Improve Your Skin and Facial Features

3D facelift is a procedure known for resurfacing the skin. This procedure improves your facial features, creating a smoother surface for your skin by removing its top layer. Moreover, your dermatologist uses either a laser procedure or a chemical peel. The laser method is both non-invasive and invasive. In contrast, a chemical peel is entirely non-invasive. Remember, after consulting with your doctor, the choice is yours to make.

2. Add More Volume to Your Face

Be mindful that there is more to facial aging than just wrinkles. Some people present with signs of s under-eye hollows and sunken cheekbones. When your body breaks down elastin proteins and collagen, which are the reason behind the fat on your face, you get these sunken features.

You can utilize your body fat as filler with a 3D facelift. Using your fat has many benefits since fewer foreign components in your body eliminate allergic reactions. Since your body will not fight against its elements, making this procedure safe.

3. Eliminate Your Double-Chin

A double-chin comes from excess fat hanging on your neck. This type of fat is stubborn and is on a sensitive part of the body, making it more difficult to remove. Therefore, getting rid of this tissue quickly is why individuals seek a 3D facelift.

Part of a 3D facelift procedure deploys a treatment to remove your double chin. This treatment uses ultrasound technology, and radiofrequency that heats the tissue under your skin. Then, this heat burns down fat until it is all gone. This procedure differs from typical fat-burning procedures since it targets both superficial and deep tissue, making it an effective method.

4. Address Multiple Aging Issues at One Time

Most of the usual facelifts mainly correct facial sagging, which does not address all your aging problems, requiring you to come in for further reconstruction in the future. In contrast, a 3D facelift takes sagging skin and adds volume with filler to deal with thickness issues.

Instead of having multiple procedures done, choose the 3D facelift to address these problems simultaneously. Typically, you recover and see results in 12 to 14 days.

5. Save More Money

With 3D facelifts addressing numerous issues at once, this saves you time and money by getting everything done in one procedure. In addition, these facelifts have few side effects, meaning fewer financial resources for aftercare. Even though saving money is an excellent benefit to this procedure, make sure an accredited doctor performs it.

If you are unhappy with your aging skin, look into a 3D facelift. These facelifts are ideal since they are minimally invasive and leave you with excellent results. But, it is essential to remember to do your research and find the correct physician.


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