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Summer Feeling on the Ankle – We Wear these Anklets Now

by healthandbeautytimes

Anklets are the new Trend

While our necks, fingers, and wrists well served, we often let our ankles stumble around naked. There is great jewelry anklets that give every ankle the attention it deserves. How, where, why We’ll tell you.

Pools and palm trees – that’s all we need in summer. Well, maybe your favorite bikini and a comfortable beach towel. And sunscreen. And ice cream. And very important: pearls.

Chilling in the pool with bare skin without jewelry would be boring. The chains and rings sparkle wonderfully in the sunlight.

So: Let’s pay a little attention to our golden brown, shiny skin with Blingbling and compete with the treasures of the underwater world by anklets.

Where and why?

  1. While we are still dazzled by the necklace layering and a horde of ear piercings, summer is waiting for us with the next piece of jewelry.
  2. Friends of the sun, are you ready? Then make space for anklets! They highlight our ankles as an unusually attractive place.
  3. Why? They are slim and emphasize our femininity. Bare ankles are like bare shoulders: we don’t show or highlight them often, and that’s why it’s all the more surprising when we do it.
  4. And somehow jewelry is particularly sexy on naked, vulnerable parts of the body. Just hold on – sorry, the word has to be now – an eyecatcher.

Which model?

Anyone who has been looking at the fingers of the stars and influencers lately – sorry – knuckles, will catch the eye with more and more glittering chains.

You can, of course, never go wrong with classics such as fine silver models. However, eye-catching, golden statements are currently popular.

And Also: gold-plated shells and shimmering pearls are also new. Bella Hadid shows us how!

That’s how it’s done

  • So if you want to do the same as Bella, you can bet on big chunks.
  • However, if the filigree variant should still snake around your ankles, you can – again – do layering and wear several anklets at the same time.
  • It is almost as good – watch out, it comes back – eyecatcher as the golden pearl variant. However, please avoid the combination of lace-up sandals and anklets.
  • That’s just too much of a decent thing. Less is more. And speaking of more: In the gallery, you will find a little bit of Inspo on how you can shine with the sun the next time you visit the pool.

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