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Which Skirt and Dress length suits You? – Mini, Midi, or Maxi

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Skirt and dress length that suits me

In summer there are hardly any more comfortable items of clothing for women than airy skirts and dresses – but which length best suits which figure?

If you are looking for the perfect summer dress or skirt, you spoiled for choice: from short mini models to modern midi lengths and maxi versions.

In terms of color, these items of clothing can select according to your style. However, more important than the choice of color is the right cut and size.

In general, of course, you should wear what you like – but some styles are particularly flattering for some figure types and less suited to others.

Below you will find out who the different lengths are best for.

The mini cut


What is mini?

  • The mini skirt and mini dresses have been an indispensable part of fashion since the 1960s.
  • All hem lengths that end above the knee are considered mini.
  • While the micro-mini length barely covers the buttocks, the supermini lengths end in the middle of the thigh, and the lady mini cut a few centimeters above the knee.

Who is this cut for?

  • These tight cuts are particularly suitable for small women as the legs appear longer, and the outfit does not look overloaded even on dainty figures thanks to the little fabric.

What has to consider what do you wear?

  • Both a low and a high waistband are suitable for mini skirts and dresses.
  • For perfect styling, high shoes in nude colors should combine so that the length of the legs emphasize even more.

The midi lengths


What considers a midi?

  • The so-called midi length is particularly practical, as it is suitable for all body sizes – whether slim or curvy.
  • It refers to cuts with a hem length below the knee and above the ankle.
  • The mezzo length that ends directly below the knee or the so-called 7/8 lengths is also often referred to as midi cuts.

Who is this cut for?

  • Tall women can choose lengths almost to the ankle, while shorter women should wear lengths up to mid-shin to flatter their figure.
  • From classic pleated skirts to wrap dresses, there is a large selection of these medium-length summer clothes.

What has to consider what do you wear?

  • In general, a smooth, high-cut waistband recommended for midi models, which makes the lower half of the body appear longer.
  • A rather wide cut of the hem is popular and ensures that the outfit is nice and airy and that you have no problems walking. Both flat and high shoes can be worn with it.

Maxi dresses and skirts


What is a maxi?

As the name suggests, dresses and skirts in maxi length reach at least to the ankle or are even floor length.

Who is this cut for?

  • Maxi is again all the rage this year and flatters tall women or a stronger figure, as it conceals the stomach and hips.
  • For example, while the bust size and – for models with leg slits – the legs can be highlighted.
  • Those who prefer a narrow model, on the other hand, emphasize their curves on the stomach and bottom.
  • Since long-cut outfits look elegant, you have dressed appropriately from morning to evening.

What has to consider, and what do you wear?

  • Romantic dresses and skirts are especially popular in the boho style and hippie look.
  • They are offered in shops and online shops in many variants with floral patterns or frills.
  • Flat or high shoes go equally well with this look.

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