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How do I Pick the Beauty Products?

by healthandbeautytimes


Have you been a victim of glossy advertisements and gave in to the claims of a product, only to realise that it is not working for you? Well then it’s never to late to come on the right track to grab the best beauty products for your skin type. It is time for a personalized collection, customized for the plain and simple aim of body care. Look for sorted out and the best products at the critik presenting you with the genre of beauty and health products for a fulfilling feeling. These products target the issues from the grassroot levels. Addressing these issues they deliver just the right amount of nourishment to resolve the issue.

Before the application of your selected beauty products, you need to first do certain things. It will determine whether the result is a hit or miss. Here is the list of things to do before deciding to choose the most apt beauty product for your skin and hair types.

Master the Selection of Beauty Products

It may be drastically tempting to carry home all the cute looking, complex formulas for your body care. Hold that thought for a while and-

  • Determine whether your skin and hair is usually dry, oily or a combination of both; before selecting the best suited product for them.
  • Do the patch test to know if you are allergic to the concerned beauty product. You can also buy the least amount available of the same product in small packages to do so.
  • Look for its specifications and certifications. Is it animal friendly (cruelty free), dermatologically tested, natural (organic) devoid of harmful chemicals, vegan etc. It is safer to not have products with sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and artificial fragrances.
  • Oil your hair and skin say once in a week if you face dryness before taking a shower. If you have oily skin and hair type then you can cut down on this process. Olive, coconut and almond oil is good for healing and calming the inflammation on your skin. They even take care of the rough and frizz prone hair. So pick a body, face and hair oil to keep rejuvenating your body cells.
  • Mandatorily use soaps, scrubs and body washes that suit your body’s cleansing requirements from its surface to deeper pores.
  • Moisturize daily after cleansing your skin and hair. Use creams for moderately dry skin. For flaking and scaly skin conditions you may use lotions and gels. Most importantly, without wasting any time, heed to a dermatologist.
  • Prefer shampoos and conditioners with herbal and natural ingredients if you want to curb the dry hair situations. The sweaty and oily hair types can reach out for chemicals that take care of this situation. You may encounter sulfates and parabens here but make sure they are in lesser amounts to no trace at all.
  • Do have a permanent sunscreen for all days. Apply chemical sunscreens to get a good finish. Physical sunscreens often leave a white residue. But if your skin is okay with it, then choose any one of them selecting the higher SPF numbers.
  • The sweaty parts yearn for a deodorant. These mask off the body odour with appealing fragrances. But do away with the same if you feel itchy on application. Patch test becomes handy here. Also, you can use the deodorant cream under your armpit for fresh feels.
  • Take home those beauty products which match your real skin tone. Too much variation from your skin tone can make you feel guilty of too much overdone or underdone makeup. Match your real skin tone with the skin tone scale and do a sample before fixing to buy the skin primer, foundation and concealers. That perfect blend of balance is a must for the best results.
  • Consult a dermatologist whenever in doubt over what kind of product your body needs for that smooth and glowing look. Having your skin and hair scrutinized by a medical expert can alert you of the forthcoming deficiencies. They will also help you with ingredients, vitamins, your skin, hair and nails required to combat the situation and come out with flying colours!


No wonder, it is a trial and error process to find out the best suited product for yourself. It is not less than an actual research and the critik arms you with the best products, features specified for your edification. The reviews and crisp description of each beauty product cuts down the time and effort to grab the best deals. Love yourself unconditionally with the most suitable products to apply and cherish. Pamper yourself with these tips to get the most out of the flood of beauty products in the body care and cosmetic range.


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