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Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner – About, Working, Types and More

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What is a Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner?

Blackhead vacuum cleaner imperfections most often cause by excess sebum and cause ageing of the skin if they treated in time.

The blackhead aspirator is a small device that has the exact dimensions of an ear thermometer or a baby nose.

As the name suggests, its primary function is to remove blackheads. However, it also serves to absorb fat and remove cuticles.

It used all over the body except in sensitive areas. The options it offers vary by model.

How does it work?

The blackhead vacuum cleaner profoundly cleanses the skin. Its use is similar to that of a cleaning brush. It has easy-to-replace suction tips, depending on the result.

Once you have chosen the best blackhead vacuum cleaner, just lay it on your face and let the device suck up the blemishes.

First and foremost, the skin prepared adequately by opening the pores. It is enough to pass a glove impregnated with hot water on the face, or even better to leave on face 10min a cloth soaked in hot water then wrung out.

Once you have vacuumed the blackhead extractor, it is necessary to wait a little while rinsing to remove the dead skin and residue you have drawn.

Why buy a Blackhead Vacuum  Cleaner?

The use of this kind of device brings essential benefits to the skin. Today it is one of the hottest topics among all people who want to have perfect skin without blemishes.

Before proceeding with the purchase, it is essential to know its benefits to the skin.

Blackhead extraction

The appearance of blackheads on the face is standard but requires significant consideration because it promotes skin ageing.

By using a quality blackhead vacuum cleaner, your skin becomes healthier. The impurities quickly extracted thanks to the suction that the device exerts.

Perfect extraction in the attacked areas

It is a device that is easy to use and handle thanks to its small size. It allows users to place it precisely on the areas attacked by blackheads: the nose, chin or forehead.

There are models with lights for better visualization during the facial pore cleansing operation.

Time-saving and more hygienic

If people used their own hands to remove blackheads, they save more time thanks to this vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the result is better and much more hygienic. It uses high-end extraction technology.

Types of blackhead vacuum cleaner

1) Xpreen Blackhead Vacuum

This Xpreen brand blackhead vacuum cleaner is the best of this year. It is known for its capacity and stability during use which ultimately gives optimum results.

It considered nofollowing the curves of your face closely and It is very comfortable to the touch. Thanks to its small size and weight, you can store it in your beauty case.

This model allows several operations to carry out: cleaning, exfoliation and removing blackheads, refining the skin, and eliminating excess sebum.

If you have sensitive skin, you will find that it is gentle. It is without a doubt the best blackhead vacuum cleaner around, and its performance is excellent.

On the body of this vacuum cleaner is a display used to see the 34 modes and the battery life.

It is famous that after being fully charged, this black point vacuum cleaner at the top of our comparison has an autonomy of up to 3 weeks.

It accompanied by four probes of different shapes that you will choose according to your needs.

2) TimeUt Pore Cleaner and Blackhead Vacuum

It is a versatile device that removes blackheads and whiteheads, fat, acne, dead skin, and makeup residue.

People can use this Coofo facial pore vacuum cleaner on all skin types. It comes with three different probes, which are easy to replace. It is advisable to put it at the lowest intensity for first use because it is mighty.

Its ease of aspiration is alarming and gives excellent results.

This black dot extractor vacuum cleaner works with a lithium battery that requires 2 hours of charging.

Once charged, you can use it for three days. Therefore, its autonomy is excellent, and once discharged, it is possible to set it directly via a USB cable.

Very convenient, you can take it with you on your travels.

3) Pretty See 8 in 1 Blackhead Vacuum

The strong point of this model lies in the fact that it accompanied by a compress which helps you properly open the pores when it is on the heat mode or too firm the skin on the hard way.

This Pretty See blackhead vacuum cleaner is suitable for all skin types thanks to its four replaceable nozzles.

It is from good quality stainless steel. It is optimally soft, which allows it to work on the most fragile areas of the face, such as the contours of the eyes. five blackhead suction intensities. The choice depends on the condition of the blackheads on the surface of your face and your skin’s sensitivity. Just slide it over the area to be treated, and the blackheads directly sucked. It comes with a USB cable to charge the battery as well as a storage bag.


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