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What is The Important Role of Certificate Authorities in PKI

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Public Key Encryption is also called asymmetric encryption and is highly popular as it’s highly secure compared to secret key encryption (called symmetric) encryption. When it comes to Public Key Encryption, their two related keys, public & private, function together where one is used for the encryption and the other one is utilized for decrypting. In the model, the public key — as its name will suggest — is available publicly to anybody who would like to start encrypted communication with a holder of this key. And private key is not shared, before we get in detail we need to learn about the PKI certificate and know more about it.

What’re Certificate Authorities and Why Is It an Important Part of the PKI Certificate?

Like we have established, the PKI certificate is the complex unit for governing & managing digital certificates. This helps to facilitate the encryption whereas verifying owners of public keys themselves. The last part is why Certificate Authorities are very important. Suppose you remove CAs from the PKI you have a large and unverified group of the digital CA certificates, and most of which can be viable however some of that can be used maliciously provided that there is not any way to check the ownership. For the layman, it means that somebody can essentially misrepresent the ownership of the given key & steal away the encrypted data—and manipulate it.

Generally, they are trusted for some reason. Because of this trust, we will trust certificates that they issue that make the management of these certificates through PKI easier.

How Does the Certificate Authority Work?

To be the trusted CA, you should first have made the multi-million dollar yearly investment in the infrastructure it takes to stay active in CA. Thus, there is already the upfront cost for doing the business. Beyond this, you need to nofollow the guidelines that are set for by your CA/B forum, which govern issuance & authentication practices.

You need to begin issuing the certificates. We will not drill down in the roots & intermediates, and more. We will touch on this process of authenticating & issuing the digital CA certificate. And after the certificate gets ordered, which depends on the level of validation needed, CA goes to verify an identity of an applicant.

Suppose it is just the Domain Validation certificate, CA checks the ownership over its domain, and once it gets satisfied, issues this certificate. For the Organization Validation & Extended Validation, called the business validation, Certificate Authority may use the business registration as well as credit reports for vetting organization applying. It will take around 3 to 5 days as well as is generally a costly process. When it’s complete, the certificate then can be issued & will have the critical details on its business itself.

Prefer Trusted CA

There are instances of the SSL certificates getting issued to the spoof domains. Fraudsters identify this weak link in the issuance process of this certificate authority & use phishing methods to fool the website visitors. From the online user’s view, it’s just impossible to know as fraud websites comprise of the padlock and something that users online will be told to search for it religiously before they make any kind of transaction online. Thus, it is important to install SSL certificates that are provided by the trusted CA.

Trusted CA issues SSL certificates by nofollowing these guidelines that are given by the CA/B forum, and recognized by leading browsers. Even leading tech giants like Mozilla, Google, and Apple have banned the Chinese CA for issuing the certificates deceptively. Thus, all leading browsers have stopped recognizing certificates of this CA. You do not want this to happen, will you?

Certificates offered by reliable certificate authorities will be entrusted by many users all over the world. For this reason, the infrastructure used for protecting the cryptographic keys of the users should be highly armed in order to avoid PKI failure. In case of this failure, you get peace of mind to get backed by the enormous amount of the warranty.


Ultimately, parties having no choice will rely on certificate authority. However, it is on us to select the best certificate authority? We endorse incorporating the aforementioned suggestions to protect the website or app with a trustworthy CA.


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