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Daith piercing – Effective Against Migraine, Its Functions

by healthandbeautytimes

In recent times, people have started to hear about Daith piercing, a method to relieve headaches that they say could be effective against migraine states.

Migraines are one of the most annoying and disabling ailments out there.

They are not a severe illness, but those who suffer from them may have to stay in bed for several days. Next, we will tell you the whole thing you need to know about Daith piercing and migraines.

What is a Daith piercing?

This is an earring placed in a specific area of the ear, and that, according to some people, relieves pain, migraines, and symptoms.

The properties of this method based on acupuncture.

The ear pierced in the pinna’s inner cartilage area, at the same point where the needles are applied to treat this ailment.

Much is still unknown about migraines. Traditional medication only works in a percentage of patients, while others must endure the outbreak lying in a dim room and away from any noise.

For this motive, more and more people are encouraging themselves to try this method, which has already gone viral on social networks.

Is the Daith piercing effective against migraine?

If you undergo from migraines, you may wonder if it is effective for headache relief. Is it worth getting a piercing for non-aesthetic reasons, or is it just a fad?

You should know that, unlike acupuncture, it is not just about drilling in a specific point; the Daith piercing left.

For this reason, it is preferable to think about it before launching yourself to pierce your ear impulsively.

Regarding the question we asked ourselves if the Daith piercing is effective against migraine, some will say yes, and some will not have noticed any improvement.

However, traditional medication also has its percentage of success and error. What does this mean, then?

Currently, migraines continue to have an essential factor of ignorance, a relatively new method, although based on a thousand-year-old therapy.

Does the Daith piercing have any other function?

The term Daith comes from Hebrew and means knowledge. As with all alternative therapies that come from the East, this one also has its spiritual component.

Some people are more sensitive to these sensations and have reported improved sleep and greater relaxation.

But beyond the possible treatment against migraines or the aesthetic effect of the piercing itself, this method has no other function or utility.

In which ear is the Daith piercing placed?

The ear in which the Daith piercing should place is indifferent; its effectiveness does not depend on piercing the left or the right.

It is essential to do it at the correct point and in an accredited place with all the permits and health and safety regulations.

What do the experts say about Daith piercing?

Experts have not found conclusive evidence on the effectiveness of this type of migraine treatment.

Many doctors believe that Daith piercing has a significant placebo effect, especially considering the great influence that emotions have on migraine.

And what do you think? Are you wearing it, or have you been wearing it?

If you suffer from migraines, contact us without obligation so that we can inform you of our health coverage.

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