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Hibiscus Skin Benefits – Composition, Benefits, and Facial Cleanser Recipe

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Composition of Hibiscus extract

Beyond the health benefits, the hibiscus has many skin benefits; the hibiscus flower has a great selection of skincare benefits naturally.

It is a fantastic option to avoid toxins and chemicals that can damage the skin in the medium and long term.

Hibiscus extract stands out for its anthocyanidin and hydroxy acid content:

  • anthocyanidins (cyanidin and delphinidin)
  • alpha-hydroxy acids (malic, tartaric, and citric acids)
  • vitamins (riboflavin, thiamine, beta-carotene, and ascorbic acid)
  • phenolic acids (protocatechuic acid)
  • mucilage
  • minerals (calcium, iron, and phosphorus)

Some Amazing Hibiscus Skin Benefits

1. Brings shine on the face

For its part, riboflavin favors collagen hydration, while thiamine provides a large dose of shine.

Two key aspects to keep skin young and smooth for longer.

2. More excellent elasticity in the skin

As we have commented previously, the Hibiscus flower will give us its tightening effect more excellent elasticity and firmness in the skin, keeping it looking young for longer.

3. Significantly improves the smoothness of the skin

Thanks to its high citric acid content, adding up helps delay aging, acting effectively against free radicals.

4. Prevents and fights cell damage

The Hibiscus flower fights free radicals that cause oxidation that starts the skin’s aging process, the largest and heaviest organ in the body.

5. Hydrates in depth

After using the usual cleansers, we remove the moisture and the natural agents that protect our skin.

If we use hibiscus masks regularly, we will ensure that our facial skin is sufficiently hydrated, avoiding dryness and unwanted consequences.

6. Evens out skin tone

Hibiscus is known for its exfoliating and anti-blemish action and its beneficial effects in hyperpigmentation cases, managing to unify the tone and smooth the features.

And also, for all these benefits, the Hibiscus flower is considered a natural and effective anti-aging recipe, be sure to try it.

7. Reduces acne scars

Hydroxy acids (AHAs) are also known to lighten skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation signs, such as acne scars.

8. Nourishes the skin

Finally, its high content of vegetable mucilage maintains optimal levels of nourishment in the skin.

Solid Format Facial Cleanser Recipe (Without Soap)


  • 40g pink clay (sensitive skin), white (normal skin) or green (oily skin)
  • 12g hibiscus powder
  • 25g of hydrosol, whatever you want (I infused it with green tea)
  • 3g honey
  • 0.6g of hydrosol (if we get the hydrosol and it already has a preservative, you can not put more)


  • Firstly, we mix everything well and mold. It takes a long time to dry.
  • Secondly, I took it out when it was a bit hard, and then I left it on the air for a couple more days.
  • And also, to use it, moisten your face, take the pill with your hands to take a small amount, and rub it over your face.
  • Lastly, remove it with warm water.


  • Basically, hibiscus is not indicated for pregnant women or infants, mainly because it is an abortive plant.
  • I imagine that nothing would happen in topical use, but as both pregnancy and lactation have a limited time, I would not use it.

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