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Lip Plumper – About, Tips, Do Facial Gym, and More

by healthandbeautytimes

Lip Plumper –

Full lips, please. It’s a fact; it’s like that, full mouths are more attractive than others, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Except that, when nature gave us somewhat flattened lips, we would like to remedy it, don’t we? So here are some non-surgical tips to have the mouth of your dreams by lip plumper.

1) Test the Plumping lip mask

Jessica Alba or Lady Gaga uses it: a mask enriched in collagen applied to the lips. It hydrates, plumps and, as a bonus, even reduces the signs of ageing. It would be wrong not to try, right?

2) Do Facial Gym

The facial gym is excellent in preventing wrinkles, but not only because it also has the particularity of strengthening and plumping the lips.

The exercises are simple: all you have to do is pronounce all the alphabet vowels while opening your mouth wide as if you wanted to address someone far from you.

We repeat a dozen times, and if we are diligent and do it well every day, we should quickly see a result after lip plumper.

3) Apply stimulating lip balm 

We explain: Some lip balms contain natural lip stimulating products, like peppermint or cinnamon.

These products cause a rush of blood to the lips, which swell and become a little redder. We even feel a slight tingling but don’t worry, it disappears quickly, and it’s safe.

We recommend the Fat Kiss from the Too Faced brand.

4) Exfoliate And Moisturize

The exfoliation and hydration of the lips are essential because very smooth lips give the impression of being fuller.

For the scrub, we recommend the lip scrub duo from Givenchy, which is a natural wonder.

5) Cheat

Using a lip liner: if the lips are thin, we put it by drawing a line on the outer contours (we avoid leaving too much space, it must still look natural), always starting with the top lip (this is the most difficult to do).

Then fill with lipstick and add a final touch by putting a gloss to make it shine.

4 tips to have full lips

1. Adopt a unique volume lip make-up

Step 1: outline the lips

Use a lip contour pencil in the colour of your made-up lips and practice “overlining”, that is to say, delimit the contour of your mouth slightly beyond your natural shape.

Colour your lips with the same colour to create the illusion of a plump mouth.

Then apply a little bit of marker on the cupid’s bow to catch the light and give an impression of volume.

Step 2: Plump your lips

Choose a long-lasting lipstick that plumps up and leaves lips comfortable all day.

The plumping lipstick with hyaluronic acid combines colour, care, comfort, and plump lips without injection!

For plumped and shiny lips: prefer a gloss with hyaluronic acid with volumizing and anti-ageing properties.

Enriched with beeswax and jojoba oil to nourish the lips and Vitamin E, the gloss makes your lips greedy while protecting them all day long.

There you go, your mouth is fuller than ever!

The added beauty secret: For an even fuller mouth, start by applying a cinnamon lip balm as a base. Like pepper, cinnamon has stimulating properties that speed up blood flow and swell the mouth.

2.Use a smoothing, filling base

Around your lips, and to prevent lip make-up from leaking into the fine lines of your mouth, first apply a smoothing base around your lips.

It will help fill in wrinkles, improve the sharpness of the lip contour and guarantee the hold of make-up.

3. The gymnastics of a luscious mouth

The secret to plump lips?  Gymnastics! Exercising is one of the mainly effective ways to build volume in your mouth.

Contract your lips and push them forward as if you were giving a kiss, hold the position for a few seconds and repeat ten times.

If your non-plump lips make you desperate, stop depressing: here are some tips to make them (finally) fuller.

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