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Best Foundation for Oily Skin – Causes, Benefits, Types and More

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Best Foundation for Oily Skin – Women do not tolerate imperfection, especially when it relates to their physical appearance. Among the most common skin defects is “oily skin”.

The latter can be challenging to tame. Worse, it takes on a terrible appearance during moments as sensitive as periods of high heat.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available to women prone to this problem. These are beauty products developed using specific technologies, such as foundations for oily skin.

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin caused by an overload of oil under the skin, made more precisely by the sebaceous glands. These are glands that lie below the surface of the organ.

The oily substance they produce collects under the skin, seeking an escape route. It is this high dose of sebum that is responsible for the problem of oily skin.

Why apply a foundation?

Foundations, as their name suggests, act as foundations for the various make-up applied to the skin. They exist based on water, oil and powder.

Those made from oil and powder not recommended for people with oily skin. If you have this type of skin, you should instead opt for the ones made with water.

It is, therefore, vital that you take care with your purchase since most foundations contain oil.

Foundations for oily skin: who are these products for?

People with oily skin

It is the main category for this type of foundation. Foundations for oily skin comes in the form of a solution that absorbs excess sebum present in the skin.

Subsequently, the organ left with an appearance that is both smooth and mat. Foundations for oily skin are generally powder products.

They can also be in the form of an oil-free liquid or mineral form. Thanks to the dry particles in their composition, mineral foundations absorb moisture, which prevents shine.

People with sensitive skin prone to acne

In addition to people with oily skin, this type of product aimed at those whose skin is sensitive to acne. Indeed, this type of skin also tends to become oily.

Foundations for oily skin applied will hide imperfections. However, these individuals could use specific foundations intended only for acne-prone skin.

People with combination skin

People with combination skin can also apply foundations for oily skin. Indeed, this type of skin is intermediate between dry skin and oily skin.

However, it can apply foundations intended for people with oily skin to it. It is enough to put it, especially on the oily part of the face, to say the zone in T.

What is the benefit of applying foundations for oily skin?

Skin protection and wrinkle removal

The best foundations give the skin various types of protection, including SPF protection. The latter protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

In addition, the foundation also acts on oily skin as an anti-ageing barrier. It fills the nutrient deficit of the skin. Thus, the latter can better defend itself against threats such as those responsible for ageing.

Concealment of skin defects and preliminary make-up

The other functions of foundations are to hide imperfections in the skin and to prime it for make-up. Thus, they cover skin imperfections such as scars, pigmentations, dark spots.

The skin, therefore, left with a clear and flawless appearance. These treatments also serve as preliminary make-up for oily skin.

Their application polishes the skin, making it smoother and more uniform and thus priming it with make-up. Some foundations go so far as to prevent the skin from being oily by absorbing the oil.

The oily skin can not afford to be choked by a background colour too thick or covering. You must therefore take care to choose the products for your beauty routine.

Indeed, more sensitive, this type of skin does not support too concentrated and therefore abrasive foundations.

If you still want to hide certain imperfections, choose more fluid and delicate products that smooth while mattifying the complexion.

Different foundations

The light foundation

At Vichy, we opt for a light foundation that conceals imperfections without a mask effect on the face.

Very good for mid-season; it adapts to nude make-up to give a zero-defect effect.

The make-up/skincare product

This non-irritating, fat-free foundation helps reduce blemishes and neutralize redness. Oily skin falls under the spell of this magical product.

Matte foundation

Make-up professionals also make great products for oily skin. At Make Up For Ever, this foundation helps cover imperfections and mattify a complexion that tends to shine.

Mineral powder

This kind of powdered, non-greasy foundation enhances the complexion while perfectly taming shine.

It absorbs sebum, and its coverage is flexible. We slip it into our bag to be able to touch up all day.

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