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Hair Straightener – Definition, 7 Best Hair Straightener – Health And Beauty Times

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Hair Straightener Definition

When it comes to caring for and shaping our hair, we must inform ourselves about the best hair straightener that suits our needs.

The hair irons to equal the beauty products like eye contour or wrinkle creams are specially designing for a female audience.

However, more and more men feel the need to shape and care for their hair.

There are numerous models and brands, what’s more, some designed to wave, others to curl, and of course, to smooth.

Additionally, they are making with different materials such as ceramic or titanium, which allow the protection of the hair against burns.

In short, we have been forcing to make a ranking of the best hair straighteners, with comparisons, recommendations, and a buying guide that will help you make the right decision when making a purchase decision.

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The 7 best hair straighteners

In the nofollowing list, you will find the 7 best hair straighteners that currently exist on the market. This selection was made based on the experience of our experts and the opinions of users who have already made one of these.

1. Keratin Therapy Pro S8590

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Keratin
    Temperature: 230 ° C
    Hair Type: Thick and Strong
    Main Objective: Smooth
  2. A professional hair straighteners for demanding people, designed to provide benefits to the hair through its ceramic plates. That contains a coating of keratin and almond oil.
  3. Ceramic is one of the best resources to prevent hair from going into a degradation process due to exposure to high temperatures.
  4. Among the advantages of the Therapy Pro S8590, we can highlight the uniformity of heating in the ceramic plates, a function that evenly disperses heat.
  5. Unlike the plates with metal plates, these do not usually get so hot, favoring the health of our hair,
    Combined with its keratin coating (the main compound of the natural fibers of our hair) helps repair damage after exposure to heat, provides shine and softness through ironing, and restores the natural keratin fiber.
  6. The technology of the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590 has a sensor for protection against heat and temperature control between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius.
  7. It allows us to have greater security when ironing your hair with a straightener. The price ranges from 30-40 euros.
  8. We must remember that being ceramic requires maximum care and cleaning.
  9. Ceramic materials
  10. Protect your hair from burns
  11. Temperature control
  12. Intended for ironing, hardly curls or waves.

2. Remington Pearl S9500

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Pearl Ceramic
  2. Temperature: 235 ° C
  3. Hair Type: Frizzy
  4. Main Objective: Smooth
  5. The Remington variety is one of the most recognized in the market. Its quality products have made the female public forget about the big brands.
  6. The Remington Pearl S9500 straighteners have an advanced ceramic coating with pearl; this allows the hair to have a better finish in terms of shine and softness.
  7. The automatic shutdown system after 60 minutes is a remarkable feature for forgetful girls. It can generate temperatures between 1 50 and 235 degrees Celsius, watching through its digital temperature display.
  8. The advantages that we can highlight of the Remington Pearl S8590 are its narrow and extra-long 110-millimeter plates, a three-meter cable, and its rapid heating function that does not exceed ten seconds.
  9. It is considering mid-range because its plates are not 100% ceramic, but only a coating. Despite this, it is one of the best dishes on the market, and its price does not exceed 50 euros.
  10. Increases shine and smoothness.
  11. Digital temperature control
  12. Rapid heating
  13. They are not 100% made of ceramic.

3. Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Keratin
  2. Temperature: 240 ° C
  3. Hair Type: Thick
  4. Primary objective: Curl, wave, and straighten
  5. With advanced technology, Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 has Sensocare, which allows you to collect data about your hair.
  6. This particularity is of vital importance for the health of our hair because of using this data. We will improve the quality of the ironing.
  7. Designed to recognize three types of hair by storing the data in your system. Doing it this way, a very personal iron, so it is recommending that you do not use it on all manes.
  8. To take full advantage of its benefits, Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 has a screen that will give you instructions through the ironing process, about how you can obtain the best results in addition to analyzing the hair to adapt it to an optimal temperature.
  9. The ceramic plates and their rounded edges allow obtaining different styles in your looks such as curls, waves, or straightening. We can highlight the incredible versatility of this plate, offering higher quality than others at a
    lower price. Its price is around 60 euros.
  10. Very versatile, waves, and smooths
  11. Collect data to care and inform you about the quality of hair
  12. Great value for money
  13. It will hardly serve to curl.

4. Ghd gold Styler

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Ceramic
  2. Temperature: 230 ° C
  3. Hair Type: Thick
  4. Main Objective: Smooth
  5. Talking about GHD is undoubtedly talking about quality, the best, and exclusive. It makes its products with the best materials, offering optimal conditions for healthy hair straightening.
  6. Gold Styler has dual-zone technology. These are two sensors that guarantee a homogeneous temperature in all its layers.
  7. Thanks to the design of the rounded barrel and its tilting and contoured plates, it offers us variety for our hairstyles. With it, we can smooth the hair very quickly, leaving it soft and shiny, create waves, add volume or show off beautiful and defined curls.
  8. Among the features with the most benefits of this iron, we can highlight the rapid heating of twenty-five seconds to be ready. It has a soft touch plate protector, its plates are medium in size, and it has a suspension system after thirty minutes of inactivity.
  9. It also has the particularity of using real ceramic plates and not coatings, which guarantees quality not only in the result of the hairstyle but also in the product that we are going to acquire. And also,  is part of the high range, having a reasonably high price, you can find this GFD model around € 160.
  10. Special layer temperature control
  11. Versatile, waves, curls, and straighten.

5. Rowenta Hair Optiliss Elite SF3122E0

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Tourmaline
  2. Temperature: 230 ° C
  3. Hair type: Thick and strong
  4. Main Objective: Smooth
  5. It was developing with a coating of tourmaline and keratin on the plates. Said tourmaline stands out for its charge in negative ions that serve to neutralize the positive direction of our hair, that is, this ionic ironworks by removing moisture from the hair and preventing frizz.
  6. Rowenta Hair Optiliss Elite SF3122E0 establishes a balance to use. Our hair looks soft and manageable, which, together with the benefits of keratin, repairs the damage generated by heat, providing shine, elasticity, and life.
  7. Among its benefits, we highlight its maximum temperature range of 230 degrees with constant temperature function, quick start of 60 seconds, and 2.5 floating plates that give us the possibility of taking larger locks without losing pressure to make styling a simple and easy process. Fast, it is especially recommending for healthy hair. Prices in the market range between 10-30 euros
  8. Wicks away moisture and prevents frizz
  9. Very economical price
  10. Temperature control
  11. It does not incorporate ceramic, so you should be careful with the temperatures.

6. Ghd Max Styler

hair straightener


  1. Coatings: Keratin
  2. Temperature: 230 ° C
  3. Hair Type: Frizzy
  4. Main Objective: Smooth
  5. GHD Max Styler stands for excellence and quality at the same time. Its plates are smooth and tilting, counting with two inches wide, contoured edges to facilitate combing and print shine and handling.
  6. This characteristic makes it ideal for long and thick hair, allowing effective handling of them. Its contoured edges will enable us to enjoy various styles in our image, creating defined curls, voluminous waves, or a perfect straightening in a short time. It also includes a resistant plate protector for better hair care.
  7. The design of its golden ceramic base plates provides unique characteristics by regulating and distributing the temperature evenly throughout it.
  8. It is also capable of maintaining a continuous temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for all hair types. Finally, it allows you to slide when ironing, reducing the time of exposure to heat.
  9. You can acquire this engineering work for a price that does not exceed € 140.
    Made up of almost entirely ceramic
  10. High guarantee brand
  11. Can straighten, wave and curl.

7. Babyliss Ipro Slim St387e

hair straightener

  1. Coatings: Keratin
  2. Temperature: 190 ° C
  3. Hair Type: Frizzy and Thick
  4. Primary objective: Curl, wave, and straighten
  5. It develops an ionic function, which reduces frizz levels in the hair, to avoid frizz by reducing moisture.
  6. It contains a temperature regulator that allows us to use it between 140 and 235 degrees Celsius, with the ability to be adapted to six positions to decide which temperature is ideal for our hair.
  7. With Babyliss Ipro Slim St387e, we can set the temperature to the maximum and obtain an immediate, smooth result in a single pass. Its ceramic plates with Smart Ceramic technology, open the possibility of a uniform and homogeneous heating throughout the entire plate to guarantee maximum performance.
  8. One of its most unsettled features is its ability to be used with wet or dry hair. Although it is always recommending to keep it dry for best results, Babyliss knows the girls and knows that some do not have time to dry it.
  9. When using an iron with ceramic plates, extreme care is recommending as they are very vulnerable to falls. Its price does not exceed 40 euros.
  10. Smart ceramic allows a homogeneous heating
  11. Digital temperature controller
  12. Great value for money
  13. Very fragile. Watch out for falls
  14. Comparison of the best hair straighteners
  15. Once you have seen the main characteristics, pros & cons of the best hair straightener, compare and verify in this table the one that best suits your hair.

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