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Hair Colour Remover – about, Vinegar, Baking Soda With Dandruff Shampoo, and More

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How to remove permanent hair dye?

Hair Colour Remover –

Hair dyes, you’ve tried it, and you’ve overdone it for a change. Most of the time, the choice of doing hair colour remover is only half-considered.

After several tries or a failure, you have decided to get your natural hair colour back. Yes, but we do not recover its natural colour with a simple snap of the fingers; here we are.

Here are some tips that will let you find your natural colour by removing your coloring!

How to catch up with failed coloring just after installation?

The hair colours found in the supermarket have the advantage of being inexpensive.

Yes, but unfortunately, due to lack of experience or poor handling, you end up with a colour you don’t like on your head.

The vinegar

Permanent colours are to withstand the substances contained in shampoos and hair care products. But with the acidity of the vinegar, the colorings succumb.

Don’t panic; vinegar is not sour for the hair, on the contrary! With a reasonably greasy conditioner, mix in vinegar and rub until the colour disappears.

It will surely be necessary to repeat the operation if essential if the coloring is struggling to loosen.

Baking soda with dandruff shampoo

Baking soda is a bleaching agent that will help remove the hair colour remover. The peculiarity of anti-dandruff shampoo is that it is a stripper.

Indeed, to eliminate dandruff from the hair, you need a more robust product capable of stripping the scalp.

Combining these two elements will permit you to release colour and make the hair colour remover disappear in a short time.

Remember to hydrate your hair afterwards, especially at the ends, because the mixture of the two products can have a drying effect.


Who would have thought that laundry would one day used for your hair? And yet! Laundry can make up for a missed colour in less than five washes.

Be sure to take a sustainable laundry detergent that does not contain bleach as the effect could be disastrous. In powder or liquid, the two options are equal.

Wet your hair and gradually apply the detergent to it.

Be aware that removing coloring can damage your hair. After reaching your goals, remember to moisturize your hair and do a sebum cure. Otherwise, your hair will remain damaged.

Regain its natural colour after several months

A colour that ages badly, a desire for change, several reasons can push you to want to remove your permanent colour.

But after several months, the colour is well established and not always easy to get rid of.

Bleaching products

Many “Color Out” type products offer to remove the dye to the deepest part of the fibre where it is installing.

Inexpensive, this type of product, which applies in the same way as coloring, offers you a rather attractive option for removing permanent dye.

If you have faded before, the colour will give you back the colour of your fade and not your natural colour. So if you have bleached your hair, this is not a suitable product.

The best way to get your natural colour back is to wait for the hair to grow back.

Knowing that hair grows from a centimetre to a centimetre and a half per month, you will have to arm yourself with patience.

To make hair grow faster, you can apply a brewer’s yeast tablet or rosemary essential oil as an application.


To get your natural hair colour back, you will need patience. While waiting for your hair to grow back, you can opt for semi-permanent colorings that will not reach the core of the hair fibre.

Also, you will avoid the root effect that appears when the hair grows back. Type 2 hair colour or coloured henna can do the trick.

You will still require a little patience to recover your natural colorfully.

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