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Haircuts for Round Face – Benefits, Bangs, Somewhat wavy, and More

by healthandbeautytimes

How do you recognize a round face?

Haircuts for Round Face –

Many hairstyles opportunities are available for round face.

It’s easy to find out if you have a round face! You can use our face shape calculator.

When looking at a round face with a naked eye, one realizes that the length from chin to forehead and the distance between the left and right ear are almost identical.

You have a chubby and very feminine face! Please take advantage of it; it is effortless to showcase.

The benefits of a round face

Your advantage undoubtedly lies in the softness of your features, unlike a rectangle face.

Your face often looks like a “cartoon face”, and that’s a compliment! Indeed, soft curves will bring out your femininity and will be very easy to highlight.

The ideal hairstyles to refine a rounded face

With the other facial morphologies, mainly the diamond face is essential to play with volumes.

A gradient instead on the top of your head will allow you to erase your curves slightly.

Likewise, a somewhat unstructured style will not emphasize the curves of the cheeks and, in the end, will give a thinner result. So go for the blur and wavy that will sublimate your features and your round face!

Are they somewhat parted in the middle or on the side?

Parting in the middle or parting on the side can fit you, depending on your hair length. If your hair is long or shoulder-length, the parting in the middle may indeed be preferable to lengthen the face and refine it.

On the other hand, for the squares or the short cuts, the parting on the side is also possible since it will bring an always appreciable unstructured effect

If you have thick or too curly hair, the parting in the middle may add too much volume to the side and risk appearing unbalanced.

Bangs for round face?

The bangs, yes but too thick no! A lot of people say round faces can’t wear bangs. That doesn’t seem right.

However, there are some details to pay notice to, Fringes that are too heavy and too long should avoid because they will not free your face and give a rounded impression.

On the other hand, the fringes on the side, light, or unstructured adapted to the morphology of your round face. You can also go for the pin-up style, with the slightly short bangs, which will highlight you.

Somewhat wavy or smooth hair?

The round faces and the remarkably smooth haircut is not a good combination at all. Indeed, overly structured brushings will emphasize your cheeks and therefore make them stand out.

Not enough volume at the roots will also give this impression. On the other hand, the wavy and wavy effect is entirely for you.

If you have straight hair and you are desperate to achieve that unstructured effect, opt for styling sprays or mousse that will give shape to your haircut.

Round face: can you wear the tie and dye?

Yes, the tie and dye are entirely for you! When we play with colouring to hide certain disadvantages is called hair contouring (yes, like makeup).

In the case of a round face, tie and dye are ideal because they will bring darkness to strategic places (the cheekbones, for example) and light to the tips. This set will lengthen your face and therefore benefit you!

Plunging square and round face: we love it

The plunging bob can be a good solution for a round face. Indeed, the sides stretched out on the side will camouflage your cheeks and cheekbones.

As for the back, shorter, it will enhance your neck and therefore embellish your head posture. However, don’t choose a bob that’s too strict that will bring out your curves.

Instead, choose a slightly wavy plunging square that will highlight you.

Tapered cut, degraded or not?

You can degrade your hair to add volume. It is optional for your face. However, be careful where you choose to place the gradient. Focus on the roots to add volume to the top and refine the complexion.

Conversely, the gradient on the side will emphasize your cheeks and your cheekbones and, therefore, will make them stand out, which is the result to be avoided.

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